When you are doing regression testing with a release candidate, and you realize there's a bug in the old version that does not exist in the new one.
And you didn't know about the bug in the old release, and don't know how it got there. And therefore, you have no idea what happened to fix it in the new release.


@nonetrix@pleroma.site I thought that meant "We've seen what you search for, please don't reproduce."

DNSSec is not being used by the Financial Industry 

@victoria Good stuff.
One addition to commit comments, if you use an issue or bug tracker, put the ticket number in the commit message. Some trackers like Jira even have the ability to associate git commits in the ticket if you preface the commit message with the ticket number.

I see this idiotic article on ZD Net "What if Microsoft had Invented Android?" and all I can think of now is "what if Capybaras had invented airplanes?"

predictive text inigo montoya 

@mdszy Today I was stepping some C code in gdb, and it kept erroring on me because I was finishing my print lines with semicolons.
Some days you just can't win. :)

Happiness is being deep in code while rocking out.
Now Playing: White Lily, Lyriel
Both my wife and my (work) boss are going to be away next week.

There's really no end to the amount of trouble I could get into.

To infinity, and beyond!!!


@deshipu Heh, no, not similar enough.
The one I have has a vibration motor. But smartwatch vibration is notoriously weak. I barely notice when I'm not focused on something. If I am focused on something, not a chance I'll notice.

Someone needs to make a smart watch with a small taser on the back.
I have a tendency to not notice calendar/reminder notifications, Zapping me on the wrist might actually get my attention. πŸ€”πŸ˜―

@Miredly Interesting, really does sound like a Harris Hawk, they're ground-hunters, and known to take stray cats and small dogs.

@Miredly Around here, it would probably be a Harris Hawk. Big, they hunt rabbits and similar size critters.

@Miredly @victoria Yeah, travelling with pennywhistles and a flute was easy. But now I'm learning the harp. Not as easy a travel instrument.

@Miredly if I ever took even a short trip without serious baggage, it would be weird.
But then, most of my trips involve costumes...

@Miredly Ugh. That sucks.
A few weeks ago, my wife got a flat, a *razor blade* through the tread of the tire.
I still go WTF? every time I think about it. How does this even happen?
Hope things go more smoothly for you.

My life, as a recursive loop

1. "Hey, I left my notebook downstairs"
2. Goes downstairs
3. "A cup of tea would be nice"
4. Make tea, clean up kitchen
5. Take tea upstairs
6. "Hey, I left my notebook downstairs"

@Miredly The submarine engine startup:
My quirk is watching the really big steam engine startups, like the ones from 19th C public works facilities.

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