@Dantheta @Miredly I tend to agree. I have a 4k flat monitor, and the difference in distance between me and the center of the screen vs me and the edge of the screen is significant. And if you wear glasses, it's really noticable. If I ever replace it, I will seriously look at curved screens.

@Miredly And all of its evil synthetic siblings, pu leather, bonded leather (semi-synth), etc.

Oh Mikey boy, the beers, the beers are calling... 🍻

Manager: All of our servers are alerting! It says the check values are missing on all of our servers.
Me, to self: yeah, the monitor system is rock-solid, and hasn't even twitched in over 5 years, I wonder what my teammates were doing? Looks.
Me: All of the monitoring data has been deleted from the databases, did someone run something this morning?
Manager: Well, we ran a script to clean up old data that does not map to live names.
Me: 🤦‍♂️ aaaand, the script ignored the "system" flag, and ignored the reserved ID range set aside for things like this?


So, me, spending a couple hours manually re-entering all of the setups for the monitors.

@Miredly I can't decide... Are you trying to convince yourself? Or are you lamenting that you have no ice cream? 😋

@andrioid Once upon a time, there used to be a way an app could pop a notice to the foreground, without taking the keyboard focus.
For significantly important notices, I'm OK with that.

But never never take my keyboard focus, that just induces rage.

@FreePietje The one that scares the heck out me is internet-connected gas ranges. There are pro-level ranges capable of putting out as much as 100,000 btu or more that are internet/wifi connected.

What kind of insane individual thinks this is a good idea?

I love it when a system intended to monitor a server, suddenly decides to DoS it instead. 🙄

@Miredly This and previous, describes my entire life of needing the coffee before being able to make/drink the coffee.

This morning's fail was me trying to figure out how to open the new bag of coffee, while in coffee-deprived stupor.

When you are doing regression testing with a release candidate, and you realize there's a bug in the old version that does not exist in the new one.
And you didn't know about the bug in the old release, and don't know how it got there. And therefore, you have no idea what happened to fix it in the new release.


@nonetrix@pleroma.site I thought that meant "We've seen what you search for, please don't reproduce."

DNSSec is not being used by the Financial Industry 

Do you trust your bank's online security?

You probably shouldn't.

Nobody would trust the security of a website that did not use SSL certificates to secure their data in transit. But what if someone hijacks your connection *before* you get to the bank's web servers?
In a random check of major banks and online trading services, I only found TWO that were using DNSSec to protect their DNS. Only one bank and one online broker thought enough of their customers to prevent them from being directed to a malicious site.
DNSSec is not a new technology, it's been in production use for over nine years, and is well-proven. There's really no excuse for a financial institution to not be using it, except that they just don't actually care about their customer's security. While SSL protects the Bank, and also you, DNSSec mostly protects just YOU. If you get hijacked before you get to the bank's servers? "Oh well, sorry, not OUR fault."

The two I found:

@victoria Good stuff.
One addition to commit comments, if you use an issue or bug tracker, put the ticket number in the commit message. Some trackers like Jira even have the ability to associate git commits in the ticket if you preface the commit message with the ticket number.

I see this idiotic article on ZD Net "What if Microsoft had Invented Android?" and all I can think of now is "what if Capybaras had invented airplanes?"

predictive text inigo montoya 

@Miredly Had to try it.

Hello my name is deliberately done with
You killed my name
Prepare to be hella busy

@mdszy Today I was stepping some C code in gdb, and it kept erroring on me because I was finishing my print lines with semicolons.
Some days you just can't win. :)

Happiness is being deep in code while rocking out.
Now Playing: White Lily, Lyriel
Both my wife and my (work) boss are going to be away next week.

There's really no end to the amount of trouble I could get into.

To infinity, and beyond!!!


@deshipu Heh, no, not similar enough.
The one I have has a vibration motor. But smartwatch vibration is notoriously weak. I barely notice when I'm not focused on something. If I am focused on something, not a chance I'll notice.

Someone needs to make a smart watch with a small taser on the back.
I have a tendency to not notice calendar/reminder notifications, Zapping me on the wrist might actually get my attention. 🤔😯

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