Pleroma admins:
pleroma is running on *:4000 with apache proxying to it via
Is there a way to configure pleroma to only listen on Or will I need to just iptable that?

@shatteredgears There's a way to change the port in the config (in the configs folder), but I'm not sure about what you want to do.

@Artik Not looking to change the port. I want to specify a single IP address it listens on, rather than all.

@shatteredgears It does that already.
You can change that in your prod.secret.exs under Pleroma.Web.Endpoint

@Artik Syntax?
Note that I want to change the "http" parameters, not the "url" parameters.
prod.secret.exs was where I figured I needed to change it, but everything I've tried so far results in syntax errors.
This is the line I believe I need to add/change:
http: [port: 4000 ],
tried, but did not work:
http: [host:, port: 4000 ]
example shows :inet6 as a legal param, but that just changes it to listen to all ip6 addresses instead of all ipv4 addresses

@shatteredgears This should work - http: [ip: {127, 0, 0, 1}, port: 4000]

But it sounds like you're editing prod.exs ? , you might want to generate a config first and edit prod.secret.exs
In my case this is how the config was generated by default.

@Artik OK, once I replaced the dots with commas, this works perfectly.
Thank you.

But seriously, what kind of non-standard hell is this? NOBODY is going to guess that syntax on their own.

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@shatteredgears No problem. I'll add this to the wiki so it will be easier for others trying to do the same ^^
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