So, Microsoft's Azure outage was caused by a failure of a third-party's DNS (CenturyLink), which resulted in the automated deletion of customer data....


This isn't a failure of a system, this is complete, total failure of any common sense. Also a complete failure to do any real design work at all.

Remember folks, you can't spell "fragile" without "agile"

Trying out Whalebird on my chromebook.
First impressions:
The "slack-like" interface is more efficient than the many columns of Subway Tooter for multiple accounts.
Multiple themes.
The New Toot window does not follow theme, and is not resizable.
It's slow. Like really, really, annoyingly slow. I'm guessing it's an electron thing. I've never had an app lag so badly on this device.

I would really love to try out Mastalab. It has a lot of features I like, including some not available in Subway Tooter.
Problem is, I almost exlusively use tablets and a chromebook, and Mastalab does not support either, can't even install it.
What is it about Android app devs that they intentionally exclude tablets and other larger screen devices?

I'm in unit test hell.

I very strongly believe in the value of automated unit tests and functional tests.

But I do so very much HATE writing them. 🤬

How you know you're having too much fun:
$ git status
# Untracked files:
# (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)
# core.13563
# core.20678

I wish all products had "Explained in 1 buzz-word or less" pages for people with low tolerance for bullshit.

When you've got a couple more hours to work, but you're so wonky from lack of sleep that actually doing any work would be a horrific mistake.

I truly despise the whole "agile" software development theory. It's become an excuse for managers to force devs to write bad code quickly, with no written requirements or specs.

For purposes of software development always remember:

agile == fragile

That feeling when you boot up your computer in the morning, and it just flashes a message and shuts down again.
Seems there was a bit of an oversight with grub (shim) updates and compatibility with machines having an older uefi system.
Not an auspicious way to start a Monday.

I did get it booted, just a pain to get it fixed.

I’m at the point in my career where there is nowhere else to go except management, and I am too focused on managing my indie studio to spare enough energy for that at my day job. My boss seems baffled that I don’t seem to aspire to be promoted. I feel strangely powerful

Wow, so I didn't mean that I got sick from taking the flu shot. You're supposed to feel a bit tired the day after as your body gears up and makes antibodies.

JFC, get vaccinated, do your part to keep society as a whole healthy.

The closest I've ever come to dying was a few years ago, with a particularly nasty case of the flu.

Woke at 04:30, and couldn't get back to sleep.

There is just not enough coffee for days like this. Especially when it's the second day in a row...

☕ ☕ ☕

My chromebook just updated to Chrome OS 70. (beta channel)

I *hate* it.
Like, die in a fire hate it.

No more individual notifications in the status bar, just a circle with the number of outstanding notifications. So, now I can't tell at a glance *what* is trying to notify me, and thus, can't tell how important it is. And the persistent notifications for things like outside temperature are now completely useless.

69 made me so happy with Linux app support, now this dumpster fire.

When someone submits a feature request or "bug fix", and the first thing they do is list all of their credentials...

You know it's going to be:
a. Impractical
b. A complete violation of all existing protocols
c. Batshit Nuts
d. All of the above

Note that the credentials almost ALWAYS include MS certs.

This week's theme:

"Why didn't you have systems in place to prevent X?"

"Why would anyone *DO* that?"
When dealing with the general public, IMO, the "reasonable person" standard should always be used. If your consent/license form cannot be understood by a reasonable person with average education, it should be considered legally invalid.
The tech industry needs to take a page from the medical community on Informed Consent.

#1, everything you do that affects me needs to be done only with my active consent.

#2, Informed Consent does not mean 18 pages of legaleze that even an attorney would need four days to understand, and would probably still miss one or two loopholes. Informed Consent means I have to actually UNDERSTAND what you are asking me to consent to. It must be in plain language, not legal-speak.

Watching the slack messages go by for a project involving three different teams setting up systems for a fourth team. Where none of the three teams have actually dedicated any time to the project, and none really care much. So it's messages thrown back and forth between their other tasks, usually hours between.

I figure the systems should be built and available some time in 2021. 🤦‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

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