When you are doing regression testing with a release candidate, and you realize there's a bug in the old version that does not exist in the new one.
And you didn't know about the bug in the old release, and don't know how it got there. And therefore, you have no idea what happened to fix it in the new release.


DNSSec is not being used by the Financial Industry 

I see this idiotic article on ZD Net "What if Microsoft had Invented Android?" and all I can think of now is "what if Capybaras had invented airplanes?"
Happiness is being deep in code while rocking out.
Now Playing: White Lily, Lyriel
Both my wife and my (work) boss are going to be away next week.

There's really no end to the amount of trouble I could get into.

To infinity, and beyond!!!


Someone needs to make a smart watch with a small taser on the back.
I have a tendency to not notice calendar/reminder notifications, Zapping me on the wrist might actually get my attention. 🤔😯

My life, as a recursive loop

1. "Hey, I left my notebook downstairs"
2. Goes downstairs
3. "A cup of tea would be nice"
4. Make tea, clean up kitchen
5. Take tea upstairs
6. "Hey, I left my notebook downstairs"

Assisting another division in the company is no different than any other tech support.

"Thanks for helping out with all these files. We just have one more for you to process, plus these two others."


That would be three files then?
I feel like I'm dealing with Baldrick in a Blackadder episode.

Tired: Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Wired: Have you tried setting it on fire?

So, Microsoft's Azure outage was caused by a failure of a third-party's DNS (CenturyLink), which resulted in the automated deletion of customer data....


This isn't a failure of a system, this is complete, total failure of any common sense. Also a complete failure to do any real design work at all.

Remember folks, you can't spell "fragile" without "agile"


Trying out Whalebird on my chromebook.
First impressions:
The "slack-like" interface is more efficient than the many columns of Subway Tooter for multiple accounts.
Multiple themes.
The New Toot window does not follow theme, and is not resizable.
It's slow. Like really, really, annoyingly slow. I'm guessing it's an electron thing. I've never had an app lag so badly on this device.

I would really love to try out Mastalab. It has a lot of features I like, including some not available in Subway Tooter.
Problem is, I almost exlusively use tablets and a chromebook, and Mastalab does not support either, can't even install it.
What is it about Android app devs that they intentionally exclude tablets and other larger screen devices?

I'm in unit test hell.

I very strongly believe in the value of automated unit tests and functional tests.

But I do so very much HATE writing them. 🤬

How you know you're having too much fun:
$ git status
# Untracked files:
# (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)
# core.13563
# core.20678

I wish all products had "Explained in 1 buzz-word or less" pages for people with low tolerance for bullshit.

When you've got a couple more hours to work, but you're so wonky from lack of sleep that actually doing any work would be a horrific mistake.

I truly despise the whole "agile" software development theory. It's become an excuse for managers to force devs to write bad code quickly, with no written requirements or specs.

For purposes of software development always remember:

agile == fragile

That feeling when you boot up your computer in the morning, and it just flashes a message and shuts down again.
Seems there was a bit of an oversight with grub (shim) updates and compatibility with machines having an older uefi system.
Not an auspicious way to start a Monday.

I did get it booted, just a pain to get it fixed.

I’m at the point in my career where there is nowhere else to go except management, and I am too focused on managing my indie studio to spare enough energy for that at my day job. My boss seems baffled that I don’t seem to aspire to be promoted. I feel strangely powerful

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