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New blog post about something other than tech because euhm passion and art matter too. Like Clockwork people, let's make this indie film happen. Send these guys and gals to Sundance!

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Accomplishment vs Responsibility in the tech world: Handling my daily list of responsibilities as a database administrator has been an accomplishment in itself. Just surviving projects has been an accomplishment. Keeping high-risk environments floating according to business needs has been an accomplishment. Technically these are JUST my responsibilities. I've been discouraged by recruiters from focusing on these elements on my resume. Resume writing and self promoting is HARD.

If you're struggling with time management, learn about how others approach it. Here's some information that may help:

How come nobody describes "modern web development" as "we used to make websites, now we make programs that make websites"? That would clear up a lot of confusion.

One of the arguments for decentralized federated social networking should be that these efforts get reported on because Facebook is a US company and the actions are to effect US politics. If the CIA is trying to effect other country's elections using Facebook do you think it would be announced? —

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It just means you're tired.

consultant rant 

Consultant rant: If you’re a recruiter and I speak with you about a position and tell you I’m interested but need to send you a resume specific to the position details you just gave me, and if I specify I’m on site with a client experiencing ongoing performance issues that have my full attention for the afternoon so will email in the evening, please don’t call 9 times and send 3 texts within 3 hours ... that’s unprofessional.

I’m a consultant at heart. Not sure if that’s good or bad but I’ve proven it to be a fairly thorough description as of this week.

Dear self: I thought we were taking a break from databases with no end date. Joke was on me. For some reason, data management is a passion.

I think I'm going to start pronouncing "cloud" as "clown" at work and see if anyone notices.

PSA: if a user habitually boosts stuff you don't want to see, you can turn off boosts just for them without unfollowing them

view their profile in the regular masto UI and you'll see a "Hide boosts from X" in the hamburger menu

this can make the whole experience a lot less annoying, but it's not well-known!

bad joke 

If at first you don’t succeed, you might be a red shirt.

I saw this on a shirt somewhere.. I should have one made.

about Template Databases.

I am currently doing some development that can potentially delete a lot of data.

Restoring from a pg_dump takes several minutes but restoring using "CREATE DATABASE test_env FROM prod_snapshot" takes 3 seconds.

be a responsible admin and don't leave windows open on servers, please

I need a six sides dice that has:
- frontend
- app
- backend
- devops
- project management
- documentation
on it to help me focus 😜

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