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David Bowie's appearance in the Under Pressure song is my favourite cameo of all time.

I first listened to Queen & the song when I was ~13 and Bowie took another 10 years.

Putting Queen on recently, I was stunned to recognise his voice. The song keeps bringing tearing me up.

Are there any video games where the boss is your boss?

That is, the final challenging enemy your character needs to defeat is their manager or supervisor?

"Tomas doesn't pay attention to lyrics and then gets confused":

Queen's song Delilah is not about a woman as I originally assumed, but a cat.

Suddenly the "When you pee all over my suite" line makes a lot more sense.

How come you didn't tell me about Theremin? You know me! You know tech, music and sci-fi are my favourite things!

There's literally a Star Trek episode where an alien plays an instrument by waving hands in the air and such a thing actually exists?

(or is everyone like "yea we had that in the kindergarten, what are you on about?")

TIL that the word for the roof of your mouth and/or sense of flavour is "palate" not "palette".

Guess I'd never seen it written down before.

English >.<

The "Ritual Of The Moon diary" series of articles by Alice Bell of @rockpapershot is basically the best piece of video game writing I've read in ages.

Game sounds great, the author's commentary is raw & honest & brilliant.

Obvs start with day 1 if you're going to read it, innit

Bleach episode 1: "The Hollows (masked monster enemies) we fight may have been people we knew in the past. Damaging the mask might reveal a known face. This is why we always deal the killing blow from behind."

Bleach 2 - 366: everyone deals the killing blow from the front.

Keyboard folks!

This is a long-shot but: has anyone here used the original Kinesis Advantage keyboard as well as the newer Advantage 2?

I'm specifically interested to know whether the Esc and F-keys are actually usable on the newer one.

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can time pls slow down a moment i only just got some free time and it’s 10 pm already

Finally read Ted Chiang's The Story of Your Life. It's a sci-fi short story that the Arrival movie (which I haven't seen yet) is based on.

It's absolutely brilliant. Reminded me of the best Asimov's ideas, executed perfectly.

Heartily recommended.

Star Trek, Star Gate, Star Wars: staple of popular TV sci-fi. What else can we came up with?

Rules: "Star <x>" where
1. x is a single syllable
2. the title is safe for work and could air on TV (no "Star Fuck")
3. has a good punch to it
4. could spawn a multi-decade franchise

The Play Station itself it a mixed bag. It boots up fast and there are no hardware or driver compatibility issues. Presumably no OS falling on its arse either.

BUT: multiplayer support in games is a (paid) PlayStation Plus subscription. And I still had to wait 2 hours to download an update.

I did not know this up front frankly, the idea of Sony upselling a gameplay feature like that never even crossed my mind.

Not it did and crossed I remain.

For games where I've got a choice, I'll stick with PC.

So I finally got around to getting a PS4 and trying Bloodborne. Got lost on the way to the first boss (who is much farther than the first one in DS 1&3).

I'm having great fun. It's very much like Dark Souls, but tweaked enough to be refreshing. And the setting is intriguing.

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> typeof null

~ $ brew uninstall node

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can’t subscribe to RSS feeds on tumblr because the RSS reader can’t get past the GDPR consent page ._.

Lukewarm take: Into The Breach is really very good indeed!

I'm not into tactical games that much, but this one is forgiving enough (especially on easy), lets you experiment (you can try out different ideas before you commit) and it's fun.

Lot's of cool squad types with very different approaches.

Plus just like in FTL the music is gorgeous.

PSA: you can use Specs (the popular Rust Entity Component System) with WebAssembly if you disable the "parallel" feature (it's on by default and you get a panic with it).

specs = { version = "0.14.3", default-features = false }

So the old Einstein's line "God does not play dice" apparently actually reads as follows:

"Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the 'old one'. I, at any rate, am convinced that He is not playing at dice."

Clearly, this is a Lovecraftian remark.

Einstein was talking about Cthulhu.

Wonder how many more people would read scientific or technical papers if the "Abstract" section was called "TL;DR" instead.

Politics, sorry!

I've just emailed the MEPs who are for the current version of the EU copyright reform (with its deeply problematic article 13).

The final vote is going to happen in a few weeks and the MEP elections will be in a couple of months so they might actually listen!

You can find more info as well as the list of MEPs from your country and their stance here:

This list of statements from various people and orgs is particularly interesting:

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