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Reaching a happy ending in a story is just a matter of knowing when to stop.

PSA: you can use Specs (the popular Rust Entity Component System) with WebAssembly if you disable the "parallel" feature (it's on by default and you get a panic with it).

specs = { version = "0.14.3", default-features = false }

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If your computer systems are exciting, you are doing it wrong.

So the old Einstein's line "God does not play dice" apparently actually reads as follows:

"Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the 'old one'. I, at any rate, am convinced that He is not playing at dice."

Clearly, this is a Lovecraftian remark.

Einstein was talking about Cthulhu.

Wonder how many more people would read scientific or technical papers if the "Abstract" section was called "TL;DR" instead.

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So who is your favorite woman painter? Composer? Movie director? Comic book author? Technical writer? Philosopher? How about a fashion designer? A cook? A photographer?

Politics, sorry!

I've just emailed the MEPs who are for the current version of the EU copyright reform (with its deeply problematic article 13).

The final vote is going to happen in a few weeks and the MEP elections will be in a couple of months so they might actually listen!

You can find more info as well as the list of MEPs from your country and their stance here:

This list of statements from various people and orgs is particularly interesting:

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I was a bit worried about the community for the last couple of years, but looking at this year's schedule, I'm getting my hopes up. There are only five talks about machine learning (and one of them is about what to use instead), zero talks about blockchains and currency, and lots of talks about the actual hard problems of organizing projects and teams, communication, strategies, architecture and making decisions.

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Is there a way to somehow install the icon web fonts locally on my system, so that I can still see the icon despite blocking web fonts?

Here's a little guide on how to write a roguelike in Rust that works on Windows, macOS, Linux and the web via WebAssembly:

You can also just play with the final result (~300 lines of pretty straightforward code) here:

I hop to do a with this.

OH: "Looks like the design was done by the security team. Hopefully the security was not done by the design team."

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The recording of my talk about writing computer games for a homebrew console in is now published at

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Instead of making the lists of people who have hoarded the most money, why don't we instead make a list of people who have paid the most taxes? Seems like a much more useful metric, and would remove some from that list.

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So China is growing plants on the moon. Meanwhile USA is building a wall — seems like they are a bit behind.

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Question: Who is the male and who is the female in a relationship?

Proper Answer:

"You dont go to a chinese resteraunt and ask which chopstick is the knife and which one is the fork."

laughed hard on that when i first heard it :D

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I think the main problem with teaching programming is that still nobody actually knows how to really program well. We have some vague practices that have sometimes worked, but that's pretty much it, it's mostly hit and miss. I find it very funny that despite that fact, we still have very well developed methodologies for teaching programming — and those are being used by teachers who have never in their life wrote an original program of their own.

Finally caught up on Doctor Who. I love the Doctor, the characters, visuals, themes, everything.

But I did not really enjoy most of the season for some reason. Maybe writing, maybe just how it all fit (or didn't) together.

The 9th episode was absolutely fantastic though, 10th was quite good and so was the New Year's special.

Seeing as I've had the same feelings with the first Capaldi's and Smith's seasons, I'm optimistic.

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Got my MIDI keyboard to work on Linux again. That was satisfying. Stowed it back in the drawer.

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"1 second remaining" makes you happy only for the first hour or so...

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