The Paleblood Hunt by Redgrave as an excellent analysis of the Bloodborne lore:

107 pages, incomprehensible to those who didn't play it and massive spoilers for the players who didn't finish.

But Oh My God it is amazing. I've missed a ton of connections on my first play through and this puts everything nicely together.

And the last section dedicated to the final-final ending blew my mind completely.

Play the game, then read The Paleblood Hunt.

One of the underrated benefits on working with CoreOS:

To do the initial configuration (think cloud-init) it uses a tool called Ignition.

Which means every time a server doesn't boot I'm like:

"♪ Check Ignition and may God's love be with you♫"

Yep, this is another Bowie toot.

Cool video on talking your way out of combat in games:

Agreed with the broader point, but as someone who really dislikes combat in pretty much any game*, the skipping it IS the better gameplay option. Lets you go back to the actual game you want to play.

* Dark Souls and Bloodborne's relentless defiance to this remains a mystery. Maybe the combat in literally every other game is just crap and DS/BB's one is the only one that's any good?

I've finished yesterday (by defeating the second of the three final bosses). It is an absolutely wonderful game.

Everything I loved about Dark Souls was there.

This coming from someone who generally dislikes combat, repetition and bosses. And in the game.

I've miscalculated and my supply of meds-in-syringes will not be enough for the next resupply.

I've still got the old injector to carry me over.

But: the injector cartridges expire at the end of this moth.

It'll *just* about work out. But how am I even still alive.

"Kid just rages for a while."

My favourite line from the game Bastion. Gets a completely new dimension with the Orphan of Kos boss in . That kid does know how to rage.


David Bowie's appearance in the Under Pressure song is my favourite cameo of all time.

I first listened to Queen & the song when I was ~13 and Bowie took another 10 years.

Putting Queen on recently, I was stunned to recognise his voice. The song keeps bringing tearing me up.

Are there any video games where the boss is your boss?

That is, the final challenging enemy your character needs to defeat is their manager or supervisor?

"Tomas doesn't pay attention to lyrics and then gets confused":

Queen's song Delilah is not about a woman as I originally assumed, but a cat.

Suddenly the "When you pee all over my suite" line makes a lot more sense.

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I don't get it. Every year web browsers advertise improvements they made in how websites you browse are being isolated from each other in new ingenious ways. But I can't even begin to imagine any remotely sane program architecture in which they are not completely isolated from the beginning and by default. Who designs those things?

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Isn't it suspicious that every single Miss Universe so far has been a human?

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How come you didn't tell me about Theremin? You know me! You know tech, music and sci-fi are my favourite things!

There's literally a Star Trek episode where an alien plays an instrument by waving hands in the air and such a thing actually exists?

(or is everyone like "yea we had that in the kindergarten, what are you on about?")

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A secret hardware project that I was participating in is finally public, so I can talk about it:

Basically there will be a CircuitPython-powered device given out to the participants of this year's EuroPython, and some workshops on programming it. It's a slightly modified version of my PewPew device, and the hope is that it can be used for teaching. It's cheaper than the micro:bit and more suited for games and other interactive programs.

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@shadower Hmm, that leads me to another question: are there any where the technology is good, *and* the system is not socialist (or completely glossed over). In fact, are there even any capitalist utopias?

TIL that the word for the roof of your mouth and/or sense of flavour is "palate" not "palette".

Guess I'd never seen it written down before.

English >.<

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Is there any science fiction where the technology is actually good for you?

The "Ritual Of The Moon diary" series of articles by Alice Bell of @rockpapershot is basically the best piece of video game writing I've read in ages.

Game sounds great, the author's commentary is raw & honest & brilliant.

Obvs start with day 1 if you're going to read it, innit

Bleach episode 1: "The Hollows (masked monster enemies) we fight may have been people we knew in the past. Damaging the mask might reveal a known face. This is why we always deal the killing blow from behind."

Bleach 2 - 366: everyone deals the killing blow from the front.

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