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Almost smashed my laptop just now as a mosquito landed on it.

Just killed the biggest mosquito I've seen in a while. I was hoping they'd stop now that the heat wave is done.

Also, can this be a place where we don’t need to yell at our friends? *Surely* here the people you mean to yell at aren’t here this time.

Fun Japanese word for the day: 整理解雇 which means “termination due to economic conditions

Are people still here? よろしくお願いします?

Finally got to sit down and write some more about building a command-line text-editor in Swift

Cooking can be easy: chop up things, sprinkle other things on top of it, throw it all in the oven. Eat it sometime later. :)

I'm writing about the process of making the text editor in Swift starting with the setup:

For those of you who were interested, I've published the text editor I was working on now that it's barely usable.

Oh hey, someone added Touchbar support to mpv. Good, cause I looked at it and decided it wasn't worth it. haha

Got interviewed for a new podcast and worked on bass stuff tonight. Wheeee

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