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@bens yeah they do basically the same thing if all you do is return in the guard. I prefer self? Also.

My only public web project that does anything useful is up now: (it's just a Ghost theme fork)

I recorded this baseline so there’s something to compare to after I spend the winter trying to not be awful at singing.

Church of the Cosmic Skull: a band that sounds like not good, but is great.

Fun kanji for the day: 肉食動物, a meat-eating animal

First bass practice time in the new house with the actual amp. Still more fun than through the interface or unplugged.

@bigzaphod that work made people happy to use your product for quite some time and earned y’all some money. Sad it’s gone, but it definitely wasn’t wasted.

First ever attempt at the JLPT: fail. 10 points short of passing.

Almost smashed my laptop just now as a mosquito landed on it.

Just killed the biggest mosquito I've seen in a while. I was hoping they'd stop now that the heat wave is done.

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