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The Deconstruct 2019 CFP is open! It's available only to first-time speakers, errs on the side of diversity in speaker selection, comes with mentoring, covers your travel costs, and pays everyone a transparent $2,000 speaker fee. deconstructconf.com/speak

Did you know I made a Mac app that integrates with Finder and Xcode to make dealing JSON nicer? You can find it here! itunes.apple.com/us/app/format

Interesting: you can fingerprint people based on their browser extensions, and LinkedIn has been doing so for years github.com/dandrews/nefarious- #privacy

Formatter 1.3 is available today on the App Store. Here’s a little explanation about the update: roundwallsoftware.com/formatte

Do people on here play Pokémon Go? Let’s be friends. 6626 3526 6214

Minor update: Figured out getting the stoplight buttons positioned properly. Tiny step closer!

Getting older is awesome. I’m stronger now than I ever have been before and I can buy video games without asking my parents.

Recovered from Thanksgiving? Didn’t care in the first place? Enjoy this blog post where I discuss my soon-to-release Mac app anyway! roundwallsoftware.com/introduc

Samuel Goodwin - @samuelgoodwin: If you’re doing stuff in Swift and interact with Mobiledoc, I wrote a framework (works with Carthage): github.com/sgoodwin/MobiledocK

My only public web project that does anything useful is up now: github.com/sgoodwin/crisp (it's just a Ghost theme fork)

I recorded this baseline so there’s something to compare to after I spend the winter trying to not be awful at singing. soundcloud.com/mukman/singing-

Church of the Cosmic Skull: a band that sounds like not good, but is great.

Fun kanji for the day: 肉食動物, a meat-eating animal

First bass practice time in the new house with the actual amp. Still more fun than through the interface or unplugged.

First ever attempt at the JLPT: fail. 10 points short of passing.

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