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Then take that shit piece of paper back to the United Cargo office, where an annoyed/cute looking girl, who a customer was trying to flirt with, managed to give my father's last remaining baggage to me.

While you put aside his covid-conspiracy anger, the freight forwarder, in my case, sent his personal effects to United Cargo. The freight forwarder sent me no paperwork, and the dude at united was super-nice and printed me an "Air Waybill" which I had to take to the passenger terminal US Customs and Border Protection office to get stamped.

Dad died overseas. This is how receiving his personal effects works. If someone on his end gives a shit enough, they send his shit to you in suitcases. The embassy recommends you use the same freight forwarder as the one you use for his cremated remains.

Not sure whether psychopath is rewarded or punished by society

Swimming in money, unwilling to spend a penny.

I really hate to admit it, but my father was deeply deeply political. Got sucked into every right-wing conspiracy. Refused to get the vaccine. And left his family,, rembering him as a guy who used to be very intelligent, and dying to stupidity. Fuck covid and fuck the people who made it political.

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this caturday, think like a cat :blobcat3c:

have things to do?

don’t do them :netkitty_w:

just flop and relax :blobmiou:

this is my advice for today

Is there an app that can just yell FUCK YOU at hourly intervals. It would really help me get in touch with reality.

Running debian stable, is it possible for me to play pubg?

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RT @alixhawley
Library patron of the week: the fella who came in, wandered around for a good while, then asked pleasantly, “What is this place?”

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How long can you survive without access to a browser?

Yeah the drive has died, but I'm not ready to let go of the drive yet.

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When people are like "they gon microchip me to talk to the satellites," I'm like, my man: can you imagine how much people would pay for an unlimited-plan phone you never have to charge? And you think they're just gonna put it in you for free?

You don't even have insurance.

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