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@rf На сайте производителя: 20 т.р. (видимо, в месяц) с одного аппарата. Хочется сравнить с зарплатами счастливых пользователей..

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7) Парк Учкуевка. На северной стороне Севастополя, в достаточной глуши, взяли и разбили парк по московскому дизайну. Получилось красиво: дорожки с поворотами, беседки с гамаками, площадки-тренажеры, скейт-каньон. Местные жители были явно застигнуты врасплох: спортивные костюмы на фраки сменить успели не все) Обычных парковых бизнесов не видать: кроме одного небольшого макдака - продажа шаурмы за территорией, да прокат самокатов.

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5) По всему городу автоматы по продаже питьевой воды "в свою тару". Подумалось, что вот кто-то умеет зарабатывать. Это не масками барыжить в эпидемию.

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3) Строящиеся жилые районы. Казачья бухта - многоэтажники, Радиогорка - частные дома. Говорят, была раздача участков воякам, по 9 соток в одни руки.

4) На каждой второй калитке висит плашка "Охраняется росгвардией". Неплохой чоп у вована!

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Побывал в Крыму, в Севастополе. Напишу некие обрывочные зарисовки (здесь и ниже в ответах).

1) Аэропорт Симферополя и трасса Таврида - всё новое, с иголочки

2) Бельбекский водозабор на подъезде к Севастополю. Местные говорят, что проблема с водой более-менее решена, по крайней мере в этом районе. Выглядит аккуратно: большая огороженная территория, трава подстрижена, цисцерны покрашены триколором

Self Privacy is set of utilities designed for non-professional users and installation on a small VPS or home server with limited resources and with minimal knowledge in IT specifics.

A commoner can set up his own private server in semi-automated mode with step-by-step instructions. And a special NixOS package set with installer allows to automatically install a basic set of decentralized utils:

- Private email server
- Bitwarden password manager
- Jitsi-meet for video conferences, etc
- VPN with OpenConnect for safe network browsing and creating private networks
- Delta-chat secure messenger
- Nextcloud for network file storage and sharing
- Gitea as source control and storage
- Pleroma as an entry to Fediverse

The installation is designed for a wide circle of users that want to get their own safe and secure server without getting into the complicated software setup process.

The alpha-version is launched and is tested now.
Developers accept comments and suggestions at

Thanks to @kirill

Please, spread the information for more users to learn about this project.

#decentralization #distribution #software #privacy #installer

A developing story.
Cloak and dagger, or something more venal?

Minutes before Trump left office, millions of the Pentagon’s dormant IP addresses sprang to life

After decades of not using a huge chunk of the Internet, the Pentagon has given control of millions of computer addresses to a previously unknown company in an effort to identify possible cyber vulnerabilities and threats

While the world was distracted with President Donald Trump leaving office on Jan. 20, an obscure Florida company discreetly announced to the world’s computer networks a startling development: It now was managing a huge unused swath of the Internet that, for several decades, had been owned by the U.S. military.
What happened next was stranger still.
The company, Global Resource Systems LLC, kept adding to its zone of control. Soon it had claimed 56 million IP addresses owned by the Pentagon. Three months later, the total was nearly 175 million. That’s almost 6 percent of a coveted traditional section of Internet real estate — called IPv4 — where such large chunks are worth billions of dollars on the open market.
The entities controlling the largest swaths of the Internet generally are telecommunications giants whose names are familiar: AT&T, China Telecom, Verizon. But now at the top of the list was Global Resource Systems — a company founded only in September that has no publicly reported federal contracts and no obvious public-facing website.
As listed in records, the company’s address in Plantation, Fla., outside Fort Lauderdale, is a shared workspace in an office building that doesn’t show Global Resource Systems on its lobby directory. A receptionist at the shared workspace said Friday that she could provide no information about the company and asked a reporter to leave. The company did not respond to requests for comment.
The only announcement of Global Resources Systems’ management of Pentagon addresses happened in the obscure world of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) — the messaging system that tells Internet companies how to route traffic across the world. There, messages began to arrive telling network administrators that IP addresses assigned to the Pentagon but long dormant could now accept traffic — but it should be routed to Global Resource Systems.
Network administrators began speculating about perhaps the most dramatic shift in IP address space allotment since BGP was introduced in the 1980s.

#cybersecurity #internet #hanginthere
Washington Post - Mystery of millions of US DOD IPV4 addresses controlled by obscure FL company…

#internet #security


А вот слух про испытание системы "Паутина" в Москве по её системы всамделешному назначению. Никогда раньше не слыхал, жуть что творится.

ru pol 

def more people wearing masks than at putin's press conference where he told people to vaccinate even though he himself vaccinated in secret


Сегодня на Кузнецком мосту, когда там было больше всего людей.



The main question is how many people will come to those protests (the original plan was to bring 500K throughout Russia), how many of then will be arrested and what (il)legal actions from the govs will follow. Last time in Moscow it was like ~20-40k came, ~2k arrested.

A single message about the protests in russian social networks could become a reason for legal sanctions nowdays..

Are there any Linux applications for network problem detection? I expect it to check my wifi status, dns, do some pings or traceroutes if required.. Actually I would probably go with a good shellscript.
CC @rf

Someone hacked codecov. The said uploder is supposed to work as follows:

bash <(curl -s

A good news is that they didn't require to use sudo for this...


Походу, одного ответа моего самодельного "чатбота" хватило чтобы остановить поток звонков с рекламой. Видимо, у них жуликов там общий скамоператор на всех.

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Regardng my asterisk-based voice chatbot: it seems that a single reply was enough to stop the daily advertizing calls. Those dogs probably use a centralized operator) Now I am wondering whether they have a collaboration with commercial chatbot providers or not.

"Out of fear, many known Free Software projects joined in on the anti-RMS witch hunt because they did not want to be cancelled either."

#RMS #stopcancelculture

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