@rf WarFakes публикуют свой очередной "насамомдельник" где заявляют что их эксперты посчитали пиксели, позвенели циферками и датировали снимок Maxar за Maxar.


У экспертов получилось 1 апреля, а это видимо значит что "За время нахождения ... под контролем российских вооруженных сил ни один житель не пострадал от каких-либо насильственных действий" (c) МО РФ.

Всё, победа? Ну видимо да.

Вот только 1 апреля в 11-57
небо над Бучей было покрыто густыми облаками.

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Решил тут зайти посмотреть а что там у Каганова. Кажется, всё в порядке, очень рад.



I moved from Russia to Armenia recently. Now trying to settle here. Yerevan is one of a few foreign cities which is affordable for middle-class russians who don't like Putin and his doings. A fun fact: local apartment rental prices jumped from $300 to $1K last month, all thanks to russian IT employees in exile, which is also a local meme now.

"(in Moscow)
- Sorry, are you an IT specialist?
- All IT specialists now walk around Yerevan boulevards. I'm a lieutenant of imperial cyber forces!"

The solution was to increase a positive gain of low-precision clock to force it start. So I'll have to add a custom script calling `devmem2 0x01f00000 h 0xD` at every boot.

Here is how the result of this magic looks like in the picture produced by my clock-logging script.

(the orange line shows the time lag of low-precision clock which should normally run relatively fine)

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community poll results are available. I missed the voting, so my first thought was damn, I might have doubled the results for Russia. But looking at the pie chart, I now think that there should be around 3K pinephones sold, and 1.6% should correspond to ~50 people.

(full story pine64.org/2022/01/31/pinephon)

Just as a desktop version, supports building qemu images of the system. As far as I understand, the hardware-correct emulation does not exist, so developers use uefi-x86_64 as a not-that-far match. I suppose this kind of emulation is good enough for testing system services and may also help to get an idea of possible screen issues.

Finally made it to the Phosh on my . It is a bleeding edge configuration from the unmerged PR and the work is deeply in progress. Needless to say that most of the apps don't work or work but don't fit on the screen or fit on the screen but can't find right hardware devices.

On the other hand, I passed from the bare-minimum xfce example to the current state without a single reflash mostly by typing commands into my desktop PC. Quite a feature by itself, let me say.

So far, I've managed to learn how to quickly upload new configurations of stage-2 software to a using SSH. Not much harder than desktop nixos actually, but it works for the current boot only so far.

The procedure of updating stage-1 and kernel without re-flashing is still unclear, but I had a chance to see a recovery menu where I could select OS generations. I am sure there is a method to add new items to this list.

Inspired by @mz I've finally managed to flash to the which I didn't use since autumn. Well, it works, although not exactly usable as a phone, at least in the example Xfce configuration. Actually I was surprised that Xfce is *theoretically* usable on the mobiles - it has an on-screen keyboard, a touchscreen mode for mouse and can position windows fullscreen by default.

The problem I posted recently has a solution!

(The POSIX pipes problem: "Demonize an interactive command-line application (a python interpreter) and let other processes communicate with it using named pipes. The session should withstand several connections, one connection at a time.")

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I continue to enjoy Kitty's new graphical abilities. Here's another screencast featuring IPython. My hopes of getting rid of jupyter notebooks are slowly coming true.

CC @rf

Just tried a nice fork of Kitty terminal, which is able to display pictures even from applications behind tmux, ssh and other mess-my-escape-code wrappers. It works :buffcat: !


Hmm.. It grows, but there was a peak which seems to be gone now..

Just finished a script which reclaims photos out of the Vkontakte social network.

For me it is more about silly photos which become too old to be important.
But someone may find other reasons. This 2019 yo picture says like 'Where does the "siloviks" get the data for social posting criminal cases'.


CC @rf


(1/N) Про синхронизацию в планшете Remarkable2.

Выяснилось, что планшет "умеет" pdf, epub, и некий известный сообществу формат заметок. Заметки могут быть как сами по себе, так и поверх остального. При попадании на девайс (о чем ниже), файл именуется уникальным именем, снабжается метаинформацией, а в ней оказываются оригинальное имя файла, иконка, и описания контента.

Не очень-то удобно, но и причины такого решения можно углядеть. Типа, спасибо что не зашифровали.


Завершил операцию по покупке читалки-писалки ReMarkable2. Это черно-белый E-ink планшет со стилусом, лёгкий и тонкий. Работает под управлением кастомного минималистичного линукса Cortex. Софт закрыт, но у производителя некое компромиссное отношение к сообществу: дают рутовый доступ по USB, реверс-инженеров гоняют не сказать чтобы сильно (хотя один закрытый проект мне попадался).

Главная фишка - рукописный ввод действительно офигенный.

Спеки remarkablewiki.com/tech/specs/

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