So far, I've managed to learn how to quickly upload new configurations of stage-2 software to a using SSH. Not much harder than desktop nixos actually, but it works for the current boot only so far.

The procedure of updating stage-1 and kernel without re-flashing is still unclear, but I had a chance to see a recovery menu where I could select OS generations. I am sure there is a method to add new items to this list.


Meanwhile a developer replied to my question how to make changes permanent. Should be solved by a single command, will try it later.

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uses a simplified profile management system, compared to . From what I know, to change the phone's configuration, users are to 1) Compile the "toplevel" mobilenixos expression on the host PC (after setting up either a cross-compiler or a remote aarch builder) 2) nix-copy-closure the new expression over SSH to a mobile device 3) Add the new profile to a list of profiles using `nix-env` on the device.

New profiles may be activated on the fly, old profiles remain in the recovery menu.

.. but the cross-compiler way assumes users to fix bugs in Gobject-introspecrion. Thank you again, Gnome. I think I'll try remote native builder.

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