Inspired by @mz I've finally managed to flash to the which I didn't use since autumn. Well, it works, although not exactly usable as a phone, at least in the example Xfce configuration. Actually I was surprised that Xfce is *theoretically* usable on the mobiles - it has an on-screen keyboard, a touchscreen mode for mouse and can position windows fullscreen by default.

@mz Ahaha.. Xfce is usable because the developers hacked-in Awesome window manager in place of default Xfwm

@sergey_m @mz
It's odd that there's no battery indicator in the top panel. It is quite essential on the Pinephone.

@normandc @mz Xfce battery panel widget is excluded from this example, even though I know it is working in desktop builds.

@normandc @mz and yes, looks like it could keep me warm this cold winter)

@sergey_m @mz This is pretty cool. I like xfce a lot, it's surprising and exciting to see it on a phone.
@sergey_m @mz "works" but not usable as a phone is kinda my experience with the pinephone in general, sadly.

The PineTime was the opposite for me however, its been on my wrist every day since I got it.

@shebang @mz Well, actually my pinephone was originally shipped with the Manjaro linux pre-installed, and it was much more mobile-looking, in particular it could make calls and receive sms. Unfortunately, Manjaro didn't survive the system update - failed to load gui. With nixos I expect to have many problems, but I hope that updates, and the most importantly - custom updates - will work reliably.

@sergey_m @mz mine is an upgraded ubports model lol

That started off very cool. But then they never updated ubports to any useful degree after that.
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