Just finished a script which reclaims photos out of the Vkontakte social network.

For me it is more about silly photos which become too old to be important.
But someone may find other reasons. This 2019 yo picture says like 'Where does the "siloviks" get the data for social posting criminal cases'.


CC @rf

@sergey_m@mastodon.technology @rf@mastodon.ml What the data is hidden under "Прочие"? Why it'sn't worth be mentioned?


@vovanium @rf Good question. Afaik, Roskomsvoboda collects the statistics on applications of a particular russian criminal code article (282). 'Others' means that the case exists, but the data source couldn't be determined. Here is their fresh report docs.google.com/document/d/17- see the similar picture in part 1.

@sergey_m@mastodon.technology @rf@mastodon.ml Oh, the "unknown source" case makes sense. Otherwise there are too much 'other's.

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