Just as a desktop version, supports building qemu images of the system. As far as I understand, the hardware-correct emulation does not exist, so developers use uefi-x86_64 as a not-that-far match. I suppose this kind of emulation is good enough for testing system services and may also help to get an idea of possible screen issues.

Finally made it to the Phosh on my . It is a bleeding edge configuration from the unmerged PR and the work is deeply in progress. Needless to say that most of the apps don't work or work but don't fit on the screen or fit on the screen but can't find right hardware devices.

On the other hand, I passed from the bare-minimum xfce example to the current state without a single reflash mostly by typing commands into my desktop PC. Quite a feature by itself, let me say.

Setting up the to be a distributed build agent for . It was able to build the midnight commander in about 10 minutes. Not sure if this is the best possible approach or not but mobilenixers seem to prefer this kind of aarch building to qemu and cross-setups.

Anyway, I hope to get most packages from binary cache servers.

Just discovered how to replace those 6-digit code mobile apps required by e.g. Github for two-factor auth. `oathtool` CLI app from the OathToolkit package did the job. Thanks, Catwell

.. but the cross-compiler way assumes users to fix bugs in Gobject-introspecrion. Thank you again, Gnome. I think I'll try remote native builder.

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uses a simplified profile management system, compared to . From what I know, to change the phone's configuration, users are to 1) Compile the "toplevel" mobilenixos expression on the host PC (after setting up either a cross-compiler or a remote aarch builder) 2) nix-copy-closure the new expression over SSH to a mobile device 3) Add the new profile to a list of profiles using `nix-env` on the device.

New profiles may be activated on the fly, old profiles remain in the recovery menu.

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Meanwhile a developer replied to my question how to make changes permanent. Should be solved by a single command, will try it later.

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I hope that the possibility to update the software by building it from a single configuration file will make a good share of mobile GUI not that important.

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So far, I've managed to learn how to quickly upload new configurations of stage-2 software to a using SSH. Not much harder than desktop nixos actually, but it works for the current boot only so far.

The procedure of updating stage-1 and kernel without re-flashing is still unclear, but I had a chance to see a recovery menu where I could select OS generations. I am sure there is a method to add new items to this list.

@mz Ahaha.. Xfce is usable because the developers hacked-in Awesome window manager in place of default Xfwm

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Inspired by @mz I've finally managed to flash to the which I didn't use since autumn. Well, it works, although not exactly usable as a phone, at least in the example Xfce configuration. Actually I was surprised that Xfce is *theoretically* usable on the mobiles - it has an on-screen keyboard, a touchscreen mode for mouse and can position windows fullscreen by default.

Удивительное дело. В самый красноглазый проект, который у меня есть, вдруг прибегает какой-то чувак, создаёт сразу 7 штук ишьюзов, и на следующий день испаряется. Сижу фикшу, чтош.


:python: 🔬 I'm searching for idiomatic yet fast implementation of Metropolis-Hastings sampling algorithm, which would provide a Python API. As far as I can see, Scipy went way too far towards optimized implementations while I need a classical one.. Has anyone met this?



Russian Duma discussing a new prohibitive law against cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the plan became clear: 1) Force banks to disclose the citizens' transactions 2) Search for and tax (but more likely - to accuse of tax evasion) all the relatively big transactions which look like transactions towards crypto exchanges 3) Profit!


Где-то на середине обсуждения - шедевр: "(возмущенно) А для основной массы населения это вообще неизвестная схема .. хмхм .. сфера!"

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