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Converting my old DVD-R discs to more durable storage. Happened upon some self-extracting archives I made when I thought Windows EXEs might be more useful than ZIP files in the future. 😂

@mastonaut Thank you for making Mastonaut! So many nice touches (e.g. inserting two line breaks when you hit Enter).

FYI, this review/response summary in the Australian Mac App Store had me convinced there was no support for conversations. 😬 Thankfully I clicked to expand the review/response.

Some kind of visual indicator in the timeline that a toot does have replies, or is in reply to another toot would be nice, though!

@JPEG When writing a toot reply, the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard do not move the text cursor up and down one line as they do normally on macOS. Instead, they cause the window contents to scroll. When you hit the down arrow, the top of your toot is hidden. When you hit the up arrow, the toot you are replying to is revealed (and there seems to be no other way to reveal this!).

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@JPEG When setting up my account, Mast bounces me to Safari to authorize with my instance. The authorization prompt loads successfully in Safari, but I also get a macOS dialog telling me there is no application registered to handle the URL. I am able to dismiss the dialog and click the “Allow” button in the browser, but I’m guessing that dialog indicates something wrong.

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@JPEG When you click an image, sometimes it opens over the whole window, while other times it overs only part of the window. I had trouble figuring out how to dismiss the image. At first it seemed like clicking the bar at the bottom of the image overlay was the way out, but that opens the toot in the right-most column. I finally discovered by accident that dragging the image down closes the overlay.

For what it's worth, I'd prefer it if the image opened in a new window, with a close button.

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@JPEG Thanks for making Mast for macOS! I'm noticing a few rough edges; is this a good place for me to report them to you?

The world in microcosm: the volume name of *just one* of the seven discs in this “Mission: Impossible” TV series box set is misspelled ‘MISSION_INPOSSIBLE’. 😞

Yesssss! I love this series. Can’t wait to watch “From The Earth To The Moon” in HD.

Getting ready to move off Shaun Inman's Fever for feed aggregation. Finding it very hard to choose between Feedbin, Feedly, Inoreader, NewsBlur or a self-hosted FreshRSS install. Mostly planning to use Reeder (iOS and macOS) rather than the web UI.

Prepare to be seduced into trying a new editor (unless you’re using IntelliJ already!); in Elm Town 43 Keith Lazuka and AJ Alt share their experience writing the amazing Elm language support package for the IntelliJ family of integrated development environments:

Two levels into Beat Saber, Jess remarks, “This is what I do now. You no longer get to use this.” 😅

Spent a lot of time on screen reader support and testing this week. Did you know JAWS can’t see headings inside of a fieldset/legend? Thank goodness for ARIA attributes!

Star Trek: Discovery Short Treks are now finally available outside of the USA on Netflix under Trailers & More!

Best I can tell, I’m the first person in the world to share photos of LAMY’s new set of 10 Crystal fountain pen inks. Worth a look for my fellow stationery fetishists:

@JPEG Any plans to make Mast support logging into multiple accounts/instances at once?

@JPEG Just bought Mast. Attempting to toot on fails, saves to my drafts. The “user” tab also fails to load (no avatar, says “no toots”). Known issues?

Elm Town 39 is up!

Annaia Berry and Ossi Hanhinen share previously unreleased details of an important client project, and why their choice of Elm cost Annaia her job.

Elm Town 38 with Robin Heggelund Hansen for your listening pleasure!

A deep dive into the improvements to collections in Elm 0.19, and the surprisingly personal story that led to them.

Spent most of the weekend building my first serverless web app (with an UI of course) using the arc framework ( It’s a “face wall” to show random profiles on a large display in each of Culture Amp’s offices.

arc still feels new (with a few buggy features), but saves so much time and complexity. Routing, environment variables, local development, logging … it’s all built in with next to no configuration. I still need to try Serverless to compare, but I'm impressed!

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The big positive out of this is that our Ruby upgrade process (for buildkite and for all our machines too!) will now be documented thoroughly and hopefully mistakes like today’s will be prevented in the future.

I should also say: I got through today mostly unscathed because Culture Amp’s team is incredibly supportive and pitched in a ton to help out.

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