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Upgraded our buildkite agents from Ruby 2.4 to 2.5 today but not before I broke nearly everyone else’s builds in the process. GO ME

Had a stranger tap me on the arm this morning on my walk to work to ask if the pin on my bag was the Star Trek emblem. When I nodded yes he said “That's so cooool!” and walked off. Made my whole day. 🖖😄

Spent today doing the proof-of-concept work on porting Culture Amp’s integration of CSS Modules with Elm to Elm 0.19. Looks like it's going to work just fine!

(The Game of) Life is a Comonad, says Eli Jordan, using my favourite data structure, a zip list, to illustrate his point!

∀ (for all), ∈ (element of), ⋀ (and), and ∃ (there exists) are quantifiers I now know how to use thanks to David Barri.

“You got chocolate in my peanut butter!”
“You got peanut butter in my chocolate!”
Andrew McCluskey/McMiddlin puts Haskell in our WordPress, showing how the rigor of property-based state machine testing can bring certainty to the messy world of the PHP app that runs 31% of the Web.

George Wilson shows how type classes without laws are terrible, the stuff of nightmares. Laws give rise to useful functions, enable refactoring, and provide useful abstractions.

Tim McGilchrist shows how Idris’s type system enables you to enforce the rules of the state machines at the heart of most real-world applications with fully dependent types.

Rohit Grover finds it quicker to prototype radar detection filters in Haskell and then do a final implementation in C++ than it would to build from scratch in C++.

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Applications for the
Junior Engineering Program (Cohort #2) are now OPEN! Apply here:

My fellow Culture Amper Jo Cranford goes beyond the language itself to describe the many ways Elixir has been a beneficial (and at times challenging) choice for us.

Sean Chalmers shows how you can drive HTML Canvas, SVG, and even WebGL to produce art with algorithms using Haskell & GHCJS.

Humans are very good at building things based on metaphors. We should choose good metaphors that capture the right properties of the concepts we seek to explain. Doing so provides the foundation for future inventions (and inventors!).

Mathematics disentangles generic concepts and their interrelations from our experiences of the world.

Babies have innate abilities that enable them to learn: grammar, subitizing, arithmetic, analogy, metaphor.

It's often said that metaphors are not useful in explaining FP concepts. Moronuki argues that they are extremely useful, but we don't recognise them as metaphors in this context.

Julie Moronuki takes the stage to present the opening keynote, “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Metaphor”.

Ooh there are lots of other nerds on Mastodon! (Dives in.)

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