CSS can help in these stressful times! My friend and colleague Jason O’Neil built this box breathing guide that beats all the silly iPhone and Apple Watch apps for this stuff with simplicity and clarity: jasono.co/stuff/breathe.html

Finished Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” last night. 😍

Probably the best acting in a video game last year was hidden in two hours of post-credits cutscenes at the end of a 40+ hour game. What an art form!

Me: “Your hip popped.”
Her: “Yep. I’m a hip-pop artist.”

Recording videos on your phone to share with colleagues/clients? Here’s how to compress them to a reasonable size for sharing with free software on your Mac: kevinyank.com/posts/shrink-vid

Proud to have Erin Zimmer’s Melbourne CSS talk sponsored by Culture Amp: “Welcome to the layouts of tomorrow” youtu.be/OrCIBsbUOL4

Re-watch of “Measure of a Man” and “The Offspring” complete. Bring on episode two of Star Trek: Picard! 🖖🏻

Rediscovering the value of my Last.fm subscription as I’ve grown a bit bored of my music library and found little help in Apple Music’s limited recommendations for me. So much new goodness waiting for me in my Last.fm recs. (I’m last.fm/user/sentience if you want to follow me.)

I do worry that the Web platform has gotten to a degree of complexity that makes it effectively unimplementable from scratch. This is an encouraging sign that there is new life to be found in this ecosystem yet. twitter.com/ppk/status/1219577

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@tootapp Tapping “Continuing from a previous toot…” makes it flash red, but nothing else happens. Should it? I’ve figured out that tapping the rest of the toot does reveal the previous toot(s) in the thread.

@Gargron My notifications aren’t noisy. If I became a public figure suddenly, or otherwise attracted a lot of notifications from strangers, I would use it!

The “Move Editor into Next/Previous Group” keyboard shortcuts in VS Code have always triggered the system “beep” sound on macOS, despite working normally. I’ve finally found a fix for this! github.com/electron/electron/i

This is a super handy editor feature, because it lets you instantly move a file over to the right so you can see it alongside one of your other tabs. This is a feature I use constantly in Sublime Text, but the annoying sound kept me from using it in VS Code.

My Logitech MX Master died. Had to switch to backup. This is no way to live.

Recorded a new episode of Elm Town yesterday – an epic 1h45m deep dive into the making of Circuit Breaker (martinsstewart.gitlab.io/hackm) by its creator Martin Stewart. Should be edited and published in the next week or so!

@Gargron Thanks! I wasn’t across GitBook deprecating its CLI (which would let you self-host on GitHub Oages) in favour of its paid hosting platform. Good to know.

@Gargron Out of curiosity, why the change? Sorry if I missed a previous toot on the subject.

Converting my old DVD-R discs to more durable storage. Happened upon some self-extracting archives I made when I thought Windows EXEs might be more useful than ZIP files in the future. 😂

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