My Logitech MX Master died. Had to switch to backup. This is no way to live.

@mastonaut Thank you for making Mastonaut! So many nice touches (e.g. inserting two line breaks when you hit Enter).

FYI, this review/response summary in the Australian Mac App Store had me convinced there was no support for conversations. 😬 Thankfully I clicked to expand the review/response.

Some kind of visual indicator in the timeline that a toot does have replies, or is in reply to another toot would be nice, though!

@JPEG When you click an image, sometimes it opens over the whole window, while other times it overs only part of the window. I had trouble figuring out how to dismiss the image. At first it seemed like clicking the bar at the bottom of the image overlay was the way out, but that opens the toot in the right-most column. I finally discovered by accident that dragging the image down closes the overlay.

For what it's worth, I'd prefer it if the image opened in a new window, with a close button.

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Star Trek: Discovery Short Treks are now finally available outside of the USA on Netflix under Trailers & More!

Spent most of the weekend building my first serverless web app (with an UI of course) using the arc framework ( It’s a “face wall” to show random profiles on a large display in each of Culture Amp’s offices.

arc still feels new (with a few buggy features), but saves so much time and complexity. Routing, environment variables, local development, logging … it’s all built in with next to no configuration. I still need to try Serverless to compare, but I'm impressed!

My fellow Culture Amper Jo Cranford goes beyond the language itself to describe the many ways Elixir has been a beneficial (and at times challenging) choice for us.

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