@JPEG Thanks for making Mast for macOS! I'm noticing a few rough edges; is this a good place for me to report them to you?

@JPEG When you click an image, sometimes it opens over the whole window, while other times it overs only part of the window. I had trouble figuring out how to dismiss the image. At first it seemed like clicking the bar at the bottom of the image overlay was the way out, but that opens the toot in the right-most column. I finally discovered by accident that dragging the image down closes the overlay.

For what it's worth, I'd prefer it if the image opened in a new window, with a close button.

@JPEG When setting up my account, Mast bounces me to Safari to authorize with my instance. The authorization prompt loads successfully in Safari, but I also get a macOS dialog telling me there is no application registered to handle the URL. I am able to dismiss the dialog and click the “Allow” button in the browser, but I’m guessing that dialog indicates something wrong.

@JPEG When writing a toot reply, the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard do not move the text cursor up and down one line as they do normally on macOS. Instead, they cause the window contents to scroll. When you hit the down arrow, the top of your toot is hidden. When you hit the up arrow, the toot you are replying to is revealed (and there seems to be no other way to reveal this!).

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