I mean obviously I want to finish up what we're already doing with bleroma and all of that, but here's the thing...

VR provides even deeper, more meaningful social expression and interactions. there's a lot of people here in fedi in long distance relationships, VR is something that can help them a lot!

Second Life (not IMVU, sorry but IMVU sucks) showed us the potential of virtual worlds and VR. it was a first step, and for a long time it did well. but, due to the proprietary commercial nature it hit it's limit and fizzled out.

to me, and maybe I'm absolutely nuts, but the combination of VR + fedi is obvious. and I think we, as a community, have the upper ground on this. instead of taking back something, we can be the first to really tap into the next thing.

all these tech companies are trying to dabble in VR but they are skittish about it because they don't know how to make $$$. fediverse don't care about $$$. we can beat the ad companies and all the rest of the parasites if we can deliver world-scale VR in the next 2 years. and, I think it's possible, by leveraging activitypub as a basis. we already have AP implementations that actually scale (Pleroma, Kroeg, etc.), its not hard to add the missing pieces to them.

so hopefully, soon, we can start to work toward that. at least I think it would be neat...
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