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Today I wrote another tampermonky script after getting a request for it on reddit.

1337x Top 100 Movies IMDb

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Thanks to #FreeSoftware developers, the German #CoronaWarnApp for tracing #COVID19 risk contacts is available on @fdroidorg without any Google dependencies. This not only fosters software freedom, but also sets the ground for innovative features.

#microg #cctg

A while ago I created a script to see what people are currently downloading. I recently revived it for The Piratebay ☠️ and decided to open source it:

Please be sure to no use torrents since you WILL get a fine for downloading non CC licensed data. That said, have fun with the information it provides.

So I wanted to try to build my new app without vuex, only using the new vue3 reactivity, after playing around for a while I found the pattern described in this article really nice.

... currently I'm working on making the state persistent with capacitor/localstorage and light/dark theme switching, something I should write about soon.

If you are using npm a lot like I do, you might like this little npm start script that I created.

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"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


Vue 3 is out and it's new composition API and reactivity takes a bit to understand. This article is really great in explaining it
I would also recommend looking into the MDN docs for Proxy and Reflect. Exiting stuff, next up: hands on!

When I switched from to @regolith i3wm I really missed the auto layout feature. After a bit of research I concluded that I have to write my own script that will do exactly what I want, a horizontal split with 2 panels:
- left one window
- right stack of 3 windows
- if more than 3 windows on the right switch to tabbed layout

Another discovery I made was the @nextcloud cookbook plugin ( that imports recipes from and has a companion app for android. Very nice, since the chefkoch app is even worse than the website (not the content though) really love that, here are my 2 favorite recipes:

Today I saw the new release of Touchégg and thought I would give it a spin.
After realizing that the XML needs a root node 🤦‍♂️ the config was straight forward and works flawlessly with @regolith ... for the win

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We have submitted the official Pixelfed app to the app stores! 🎉 #pixelfed #app

After using awesome wm as my first tiling window manager I now switched to regolith which integrates i3wm and gnome. The design is very pleasing, the media keys work, and scaling on a high DPI display works out of the box. After learning the (basic) set of keyboard shortcuts to navigate tiling windows (which is something that you never want to miss anymore) only very few config was needed to make regolith awesome (pun intended) after only a day. (standalone or as ubuntu desktop env!)

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Ihr müsst jetzt sehr stark sein. Raymond Hill (gorhill) stellt offenbar die Entwicklung von uMatrix ein. Das Projekt wurde auf GitHub archiviert. 😔

For all of you that miss doing senseless work on the computer due to the crisis, here is a computer work simulator.

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Quick update regarding passwords:

"12345" is commonly considered unsafe since 2012.

According to experts "1234567" will still be safe until 2023, at which point you should probably change all your passwords to "12345678".

Angular 5 or is it 6 or 7 or whatever it is now has just so many annoying quirks.

This time I tried to integrate d3.js and the angular-cli build "optimization" (which only works with the production flag, meaning you will not see this error during development :thonkan:) optimizes
const parseDate = d3.timeParse('%Y-%m-%d');
const a = Yo.o('%Y-%m-%d');
which of course does not work. I sure believe they have good reasons for it, but for me this just feels broken.

When Brian Fox was working on the Bash Shell glob pattern matching he tried to delete the file `*.c` with his own shell. This resulted in the fatal command:

`rm '*.c'`

Since he had not implemented quoting yet,
which would prevent the interpretation of the asterisk as a wildcard, the result was that he deleted the complete code he wrote for Bash so far. 🙈

What happened next? He had a good laugh and rewrote all the code 😅 sounds familiar? Happens to the best!


An idea: The person with the highest income in a company should not earn more than 20 times of the amount that person with the lowest income earns. 

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Paris Musées Releases 100,000+ Works Into the Public Domain - Creative Commons

Nice! Eink finally has a color display for sale. I am a long time fan of eink displays (I own a few myself a couple of ebooks and a Motorola F3) and color is something I was hoping for for a long time.

Maybe some day I also get my dream device, a fully featured color eink only smartphone.

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