🍪 🚫 Clicking away the so called "cookie banners" is annoying and sometimes also quite time consuming to find the least invasive option, so automating it is of course the right solution. I am now using this extension

If you have better options let me know!

Google is the search engine that helps you find the most relevant advertisement.

Over the years it has become pretty good at it, I fear.

@cos @matrix :D sry no, I only know "Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen"

I told my daughter to choose a name for a bot similar to Alexa. That's what she came up with. Next time I see her I have to check if she learned Finnish in secret 😅

🚀 I have created an open q&a chat bot for @matrix Taavi can answer "any" question in any language:


It has a binary distribution for Linux and is quite simple to set up. Yes some might say, but you could use Google directly, but that would not be as much fun, right? :awesome:

@musicmatze The first time I watched Linux Sucks it was funny, second time a little less, then gradually less and with the other content from him it was just like meeeh, comee ooon.

At some point he was like: I'm not gonna do this again, I have said everything - and I thought: Good - then he continued :cate:

How to automate the deployment of a web project?

For deployment automation there is not a single solution, but setting up an automated deployment is not hard and mostly follows the same steps.

- building the project
- copying the build files to a server
- installing or updating dependencies on the server
- reloading the server

These steps can be automated with a simple script.

In my article I show an example how to create this script and how I integrate it in a build system.


I host on a vserver from Contabo, but I tried to keep the instructions as generic as possible
@nextcloud @matrix @yunohost

Nextcloud 💓 Matrix

Combining the a self hosted cloud synchronization @nextcloud with the end to end encrypted chat API @matrix is a dream come true for a decentralized, self hosted infrastructure.

To connect Matrix *Synapse* with Nextcloud, let
Nextcloud act as an OpenID Connect / OAuth2 provider and Matrix as client. User management is done by Nextcloud, where you can benefit from their app store to integrate even more authentication systems.

Read the full setup:

:drake_dislike: Backend databse? MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB? ... naaaa

Too boring, to technical!

:drake_like: I will used Nextcloud as my next backend database!

How do? Nuxt content loves .md .yml .csv files, Nextcloud stores them and has editors, syncs to phone, editors also on phone, nice, symlink them together, win!

Well so far the plan.


🙏Dear Mastodon, please do not advertise Mastodon as the solution to the deplatforming of Trump (and other extrimist right wings).

This is how we will destroy Mastodon. This will get the wrong people here. This will result in policing and restrictions of our freedom.

There are great reasons why to use Mastodon, but anti-deplatforming is a dangerous path.

@rugk It's too big, I mean the first one has modules, but duuuude they are huge.

@musicmatze @rugk

ugh, sieht cool aus aber wie wäre es mit nem TLDR büüüte? Warum brauch ich das? Was ist nen guter Anwendungsfall?

@musicmatze Ich habe den pragmatischen Ansatz gewählt: Hype nutzen und alle die wollen auf Signal migrieren.

Mit der Ansage: ABER .... Alle mehr hören wollten habe ich gesagt: und in 3 Jahren wechseln wir dann wieder.

Während dessen bin ich dran meine eigene Matrix Infrastrukur aufzubauen und etwas mitzumischen. Matrix hat ja leider noch ein paar Ecken und Kanten die glatt geschliffen werden müssen (Verification von anderen Geräten ist wirklich noch unschön).

Nächstes Ziel: Signal Matrix Bridge!

Choosing a USB-C hub/dock is quite a daunting task. There are like 3 to ∞ number of things you could connect, but not the ones you would like to connect.

:drake_dislike: I already have a freaking SD card reader, but I want more USB-C inputs!!!!

Who still connects something to VGA, come one! :cate:

:drake_like: Where is the cool product TM startup where I can select the connectors I want (USB-C Hub Configurator TM) that will send me my perfect hub.

Yes please steal this idea from me and get rich. 💸

Too late, let's use the moment and get everyone to switch from WhatsApp to Signal.

This is the time, and the moment is right.


They are down, and it's a good thing, strange but true.

Millions of people are switching from WhatsApp.

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