🚀 I have created an open q&a chat bot for @matrix Taavi can answer "any" question in any language:


It has a binary distribution for Linux and is quite simple to set up. Yes some might say, but you could use Google directly, but that would not be as much fun, right? :awesome:

Choosing a USB-C hub/dock is quite a daunting task. There are like 3 to ∞ number of things you could connect, but not the ones you would like to connect.

:drake_dislike: I already have a freaking SD card reader, but I want more USB-C inputs!!!!

Who still connects something to VGA, come one! :cate:

:drake_like: Where is the cool product TM startup where I can select the connectors I want (USB-C Hub Configurator TM) that will send me my perfect hub.

Yes please steal this idea from me and get rich. 💸

Since our schools 🎓 are now progressing into the digital age :terminal: with an incredible pace that keeps them struggling, I was asked by a friend to help him create a PDF from for their grade sheets.

The old edit the Word document method was just too error prone.

So I said, hold my beer, opened my laptop and started to convince LibreOffice to create this form (yes, it was not trivial).

I never imagined I would do this 😅

Anybody in need for the template?

So I was tinkering with matrix (the chat protocol) a lot lately and finally got what I wanted to have for a long time: Nextcloud with Matrix.

Nextcloud is providing OAuth2 to Matrix-Synapse, both run on separate subdomains since the NC Element app is an iFrame which prevents OAuth logins.

I have written down a full documentation so you can set this up too 📖

... but here is the next challenge I face: set up a blog (again).

@nextcloud @matrix -app

Since I have a USB-C only device and a Logitech dongle I followed the DIY perks tutorial to "convert" the dongle to USB-C. Instead of buying a new Connector I used an adaptor (I had bought a couple of them since they were cheap)

Today I wrote another tampermonky script after getting a request for it on reddit.

1337x Top 100 Movies IMDb


A while ago I created a script to see what people are currently downloading. I recently revived it for The Piratebay ☠️ and decided to open source it:

Please be sure to no use torrents since you WILL get a fine for downloading non CC licensed data. That said, have fun with the information it provides.

If you are using npm a lot like I do, you might like this little npm start script that I created.


Nice! Eink finally has a color display for sale. I am a long time fan of eink displays (I own a few myself a couple of ebooks and a Motorola F3) and color is something I was hoping for for a long time.


Maybe some day I also get my dream device, a fully featured color eink only smartphone.

Instead of programming I picked up some power tools and build a shelf. Very rewarding, but also very frustrating since I'll need a lot more practice to even get to a beginners level.

Building a gaming pc for my friend. It almost fits :thonk: ah damn it. OK I'll take that off.

A new subway map for Berlin. Easier to read, less robotic - at least thats the claim. Time will tell, but at leas the are around Mehringdamm is nicer. berlintransitmap.de/

:brain1: Here is another prediction of the future from the past. This time the prediction is less accurate, but more funny :awesome: (in German)

So we finally made the blinders home automation work. ESP8266, Arduino, and Tasmoto... What a beautiful mess :D

Honestly I never believed in home automation, but my friend introduced me to these awesome cheap programmable China chips and I just couldn't resist.

Next step, beautifying the setup... Peekaboo blue=wifi red=up green=down

:brain4: This professor knew very well what the combjuder age will bring (in German)

:clippy: Here is a great cli tool you might not have tried yet: ncdu (graphical disk usage tool)

To see how much space your current folder and its content uses you have `du`. But how about the largest sub folder? what is really taking up all the space? `ncdu` allows you to see the used space graphically browse through folders (arrow keys and enter) and delete files (d). I like the handy alias `alias du="ncdu"` that replaces du with ncdu.

Install it with `apt install ncdu` and start cleaning up.

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