Nextcloud 💓 Matrix

Combining the a self hosted cloud synchronization @nextcloud with the end to end encrypted chat API @matrix is a dream come true for a decentralized, self hosted infrastructure.

To connect Matrix *Synapse* with Nextcloud, let
Nextcloud act as an OpenID Connect / OAuth2 provider and Matrix as client. User management is done by Nextcloud, where you can benefit from their app store to integrate even more authentication systems.

Read the full setup:

I host on a vserver from Contabo, but I tried to keep the instructions as generic as possible
@nextcloud @matrix @yunohost

@select @nextcloud @matrix

The Element for Nextcloud app should support SSO now with the addition of #235 [1]. The app will automatically open Element in a new tab if it detects the user trying to login via SSO to work around the browser iframe limitations.


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