Choosing a USB-C hub/dock is quite a daunting task. There are like 3 to ∞ number of things you could connect, but not the ones you would like to connect.

:drake_dislike: I already have a freaking SD card reader, but I want more USB-C inputs!!!!

Who still connects something to VGA, come one! :cate:

:drake_like: Where is the cool product TM startup where I can select the connectors I want (USB-C Hub Configurator TM) that will send me my perfect hub.

Yes please steal this idea from me and get rich. 💸

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@select indeed that would be useful. I mean ggeizhals usually does have this a little in German (, but they do not have all that small Amazon devices from unknown companies, they only have the "big tech".

@select niiice, that looks fun and quite a cool idea. WHy ddon't you like it though?

@rugk It's too big, I mean the first one has modules, but duuuude they are huge.

@select hehe, yeah, it's also "too Apple" for me, but the second one looks funny, though mybe too fragile if they don't use magnets there… 🤔

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