While I'm trying to get away from Github in favor of Gitlab I recently started a remote client project on Github and created CI/CD workflows with Github actions.

I especially enjoyed creating the CD workflow that sends a message to a channel when the deployment was a success.

There is still a problem left, the message is send unencrypted to an e2e encrypted channel. It arrives but ...

Anyway my client loves Matrix, which I introduced them to, and we use it every day.

Cheers @matrix

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@select yay! if you pipe the notif via pantalaimon it’ll get magically e2e encrypted :)

@matrix I checked out your solution but it did not seem right so I created my own github action to send e2e encrypted messages

The problem is that while the action does what it should it's marked as failed. I guess this is due to something in the matrix lib sending messages to sterr.

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