Hahah oh man, have you guys checked out brow.sh/?

It's a graphical browser for the console. It even plays videos!

SSH into your favourite machine and start browsing directly in the shell. I ❤️ it. ... or how Michael Rosen would say: NOICE!

Instead of programming I picked up some power tools and build a shelf. Very rewarding, but also very frustrating since I'll need a lot more practice to even get to a beginners level.

Building a gaming pc for my friend. It almost fits :thonk: ah damn it. OK I'll take that off.

And then in the new Iron Sky movie...

Hitler rides in on a TRex: "Sieg Heil, Mutterfickers!"


Here are some of my notes on how I set up the OpenWRT router. I put some effort into creating a presistent SSH tunnel to a server that I can always reach. The second part to it is a good `.ssh/config` that connects with only one command through the jump server and opens a http tunnel to reach the webinterface of the router.

The project is not finished yet. The next step is a HTML5 interface for reading and controlling the connected IoT devices.

For my home automation project I have a Sonoff-Tasmota that sends data to an OpenWRT router via MQTT. Now I want some long term stats from the temperature sensor I build in, and since the router (an old TP Link) is very limited (32 MB RAM) I thought I write the script in what is popular on OpenWRT: Lua
Thanks to tylerneylon.com/a/learn-lua/ and Lua getting up to speed is simple and I think I will have something up and running soon.

A new subway map for Berlin. Easier to read, less robotic - at least thats the claim. Time will tell, but at leas the are around Mehringdamm is nicer. berlintransitmap.de/

🔑 You know what ticks me off?
Services that restrict the password length.

🗝️ But you know what really ticks me off?
Services that prune your passwords without telling you ... and then on the next login tell you that your password is wrong. 🙈

🔐 This happened to me a couple of times and it cost me so many hours to find out what is wrong. For the be better of mankind (and to internet shame 😏) I would like to create a collection of services that are guilty of

You can use this tool (keycode.info/) for migrating your code.

The next person that will look at your code will thank you for it.

:html5: Instead of writing
if (event.keyCode == 38 || event.keyCode == 33) {
if (event.keyCode == 40 || event.keyCode == 34) {
use the well supported `key` attribute
if (event.key == 'ArrowUp' || event.key == 'PageUp') {
if (event.key == 'ArrowDown' || event.key == 'PageDown') {

Min version with support [1]
Chrome: 51
Firefox: 23
IE: 9
Safari: Yes

[1] developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

:html5: # Performant CSS animations

Rule of Thumb: Only use `opacity` or `transform`. [1]

More specifically `position`, `scale`, `rotation` and `opacity` are guaranteed to have good performance.

Reason: rendering a page goes through stages: 1 - Styles 2 - Layout 3 - Paint 4 - Composite. Later stages are better since they do not cause previous stages to be recalculated. The above properties are all part of the Composite stage. [2]

[1] html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/sp
[2] medium.com/outsystems-experts/

:brain1: Here is another prediction of the future from the past. This time the prediction is less accurate, but more funny :awesome: (in German)

So we finally made the blinders home automation work. ESP8266, Arduino, and Tasmoto... What a beautiful mess :D

Honestly I never believed in home automation, but my friend introduced me to these awesome cheap programmable China chips and I just couldn't resist.

Next step, beautifying the setup... Peekaboo blue=wifi red=up green=down

:brain4: This professor knew very well what the combjuder age will bring (in German)

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