:brain1: Here is another prediction of the future from the past. This time the prediction is less accurate, but more funny :awesome: (in German)

So we finally made the blinders home automation work. ESP8266, Arduino, and Tasmoto... What a beautiful mess :D

Honestly I never believed in home automation, but my friend introduced me to these awesome cheap programmable China chips and I just couldn't resist.

Next step, beautifying the setup... Peekaboo blue=wifi red=up green=down

:brain4: This professor knew very well what the combjuder age will bring (in German)

Just now we had to add Greek language to one of our apps and the ISO code was "el". Well, I did not expect that. Why is that Wikipedia?

Greek (Modern Greek: ελληνικά [eliniˈka], elliniká, "Greek", ...

Ah yes and I know its an Hellenic language. So the "H" was dropped (or rather added, the French don't care anyway) and voila "el" for Greek.

:clippy: Here is a great cli tool you might not have tried yet: ncdu (graphical disk usage tool)

To see how much space your current folder and its content uses you have `du`. But how about the largest sub folder? what is really taking up all the space? `ncdu` allows you to see the used space graphically browse through folders (arrow keys and enter) and delete files (d). I like the handy alias `alias du="ncdu"` that replaces du with ncdu.

Install it with `apt install ncdu` and start cleaning up.

How about a mastodon blind date bot that you can send a message and it then starts a conversation with a random other person by asking you some random funny questions?

Is there a calendar/event bot that I can send a message and it sends me / everyone an alarm message?

If not I...

As mentioned in an earlier toot I migrated my twitter bot that post 100 year old newspaper title pages and headlines to the fediverse. If you are into old fonts and German follow

We will post twice a day for the next 11 years!

In addition our small team (2 communication scientist, a friend and me) are working (weekends) on a scientific study and visualizations. Stay tuned for some more science fun :D

I also printed the newspaper once, as seen in the photo below.

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Federation "has taken us pretty far, but it's undeniable that once you federate your protocol, it becomes very difficult to make changes. And right now, at the application level, things that stand still don't fare very well in a world where the ecosystem is moving"

A critical look at why federated services "will fail". I hope for the best but it's good to know what we are up against.


About a year ago I took part in a culture hackathon and created a Twitter bot that posts a Berlin newspaper from exactly 100 years ago every day to the day. Since I don't really use Twitter I thought I should bring it to the fediverse.

Does anyone know a instance for nerds?

If you speak German check it out, it's very fascinating to see how history repeats ;)

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Volker Krause introduces KPublicTransport, a library to "access dynamic data for your current mode of transport". It enables apps to inform you of delays, cancellations, gate or platform changes - making your trip easier to re-plan when problems arise.

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Schon älter, aber daran müsst ihr nach jeder Installation von LineageOS denken: Rückwärtssuche für die Telefonnummer deaktivieren. Ansonsten geht die Anfrage beim Aufruf der Telefon-App direkt an Google.


Here is a great cli tool you might not have tried yet: mosh (mobile shell)

Instead of `ssh me@server.com` use `mosh me@server.com` and you will get a session that does not time out even if you have a bad mobile GSM connection/conference WLAN - remote commands feel much snappier (especially vim) and you can even close your laptop and open it from suspend hours later without having lost the session.

Install it (`apt install mosh`) on your client and server to give it a try.

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I stumbled upon SXIV a while ago.

SXIV is lightweight image viewer for Linux that can be called from the command line and has some key-binding to script ability. I use it for marking newly imported pics for deletion (the bad ones) or to filter a list of pics to copy, upload, etc. It's keyboard-centric, light, quick, and gets out of your way.

A good family morning is watching the docking of a spacecraft at the international space station while playing a cheap China knockoff of UNO after breakfast :D

Saving the best for last, my most favorite feature of Nextcloud: the social plug in that allows you to join the fediverse. Yes it's still very (very) limited but it's what I hoped and asked for over a year ago and it's become real. Especially the amount of private/uni Nextcloud instances out there has the potential to reach a critical mass for general adaption, amazing.

So last night I set up LDAP which means Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, where Directory does not mean files and folders but "telephone book" (surprising if you are not an English native speaker). You can use it to create a single source of truth database of user accounts for different services like email, nextcloud, mastodon, matrix, ssh users, .... Next up configuring it! Will it really be possible to connect all these services? Are there alternatives that all these services support? Lets. Try.

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Is disroot good? Thinking about using it so I can slowly move away from Gmail.

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