🍪 🚫 Clicking away the so called "cookie banners" is annoying and sometimes also quite time consuming to find the least invasive option, so automating it is of course the right solution. I am now using this extension

If you have better options let me know!

Google is the search engine that helps you find the most relevant advertisement.

Over the years it has become pretty good at it, I fear.

🚀 I have created an open q&a chat bot for @matrix Taavi can answer "any" question in any language:


It has a binary distribution for Linux and is quite simple to set up. Yes some might say, but you could use Google directly, but that would not be as much fun, right? :awesome:

How to automate the deployment of a web project?

For deployment automation there is not a single solution, but setting up an automated deployment is not hard and mostly follows the same steps.

- building the project
- copying the build files to a server
- installing or updating dependencies on the server
- reloading the server

These steps can be automated with a simple script.

In my article I show an example how to create this script and how I integrate it in a build system.


Nextcloud 💓 Matrix

Combining the a self hosted cloud synchronization @nextcloud with the end to end encrypted chat API @matrix is a dream come true for a decentralized, self hosted infrastructure.

To connect Matrix *Synapse* with Nextcloud, let
Nextcloud act as an OpenID Connect / OAuth2 provider and Matrix as client. User management is done by Nextcloud, where you can benefit from their app store to integrate even more authentication systems.

Read the full setup:

:drake_dislike: Backend databse? MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB? ... naaaa

Too boring, to technical!

:drake_like: I will used Nextcloud as my next backend database!

How do? Nuxt content loves .md .yml .csv files, Nextcloud stores them and has editors, syncs to phone, editors also on phone, nice, symlink them together, win!

Well so far the plan.


🙏Dear Mastodon, please do not advertise Mastodon as the solution to the deplatforming of Trump (and other extrimist right wings).

This is how we will destroy Mastodon. This will get the wrong people here. This will result in policing and restrictions of our freedom.

There are great reasons why to use Mastodon, but anti-deplatforming is a dangerous path.

Choosing a USB-C hub/dock is quite a daunting task. There are like 3 to ∞ number of things you could connect, but not the ones you would like to connect.

:drake_dislike: I already have a freaking SD card reader, but I want more USB-C inputs!!!!

Who still connects something to VGA, come one! :cate:

:drake_like: Where is the cool product TM startup where I can select the connectors I want (USB-C Hub Configurator TM) that will send me my perfect hub.

Yes please steal this idea from me and get rich. 💸

It's happening, millions of people are switching to the Signal messenger. :blobdab:

The 5x to 10x growth has cause a happy little DDoS on their servers. We'll I'll do my part to help the people around me leave WhatsApp for good.

Since our schools 🎓 are now progressing into the digital age :terminal: with an incredible pace that keeps them struggling, I was asked by a friend to help him create a PDF from for their grade sheets.

The old edit the Word document method was just too error prone.

So I said, hold my beer, opened my laptop and started to convince LibreOffice to create this form (yes, it was not trivial).

I never imagined I would do this 😅

Anybody in need for the template?

So I was tinkering with matrix (the chat protocol) a lot lately and finally got what I wanted to have for a long time: Nextcloud with Matrix.

Nextcloud is providing OAuth2 to Matrix-Synapse, both run on separate subdomains since the NC Element app is an iFrame which prevents OAuth logins.

I have written down a full documentation so you can set this up too 📖

... but here is the next challenge I face: set up a blog (again).

@nextcloud @matrix -app

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Have you seen This Week in Matrix yet!? First of the year, absolutely top quality news and updates about Matrix, including an interview with the maintainers of NeoChat, the Matrix client from KDE! #twim #matrix #decentralisation matrix.org/blog/2021/01/08/thi

Keeping up to date is important but it's somewhat difficult in some areas. So I learned a while ago that in the shell you now do

ifconfig -> ip addr

Now I read that:

netstat -> ss

What else did I miss? Where can I read about that?

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#XRDE2020 #Januar

Wir trafen uns mit ca.70 Rebellis aus Hamburg & Umgebung, um einen kleinen Kreisel am Bhf Bergedorf zu blockieren. 4 Durchgänge á 5 Min drehten wir uns im Kreis u. beflyerten Passanten und Autofahrer mit unseren 3 Forderungen.


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There is always one bad apple in a web project, and quite often it's :safari:. So how to debug WebKit when you are on ? One solution is to use www.browserstack.com but it costs money and ... other things. But I just found something much better:


Gnome Web uses WebKit for rendering and it's a "pleasure" to reproduce Apple browser bugs.

Happy Debugging!

Since I have a USB-C only device and a Logitech dongle I followed the DIY perks tutorial to "convert" the dongle to USB-C. Instead of buying a new Connector I used an adaptor (I had bought a couple of them since they were cheap)

@distrotube I keep forgetting the app/snap center alternative that you recommended in several of your videos ... could you please help me out?

:github: vs :gitlab:

Now that finally has a dark mode (which I couldn't care less for) how about adding a real productivity feature and create a button to create a branch + pull request from an issue.

is so much more advanced in this respect. After using the "Gitlab flow" for a year and now working with Github again I just feel like :doomguy:

Well at least this is now the top upvoted feature request... finally


While I'm trying to get away from Github in favor of Gitlab I recently started a remote client project on Github and created CI/CD workflows with Github actions.

I especially enjoyed creating the CD workflow that sends a message to a channel when the deployment was a success.

There is still a problem left, the message is send unencrypted to an e2e encrypted channel. It arrives but ...

Anyway my client loves Matrix, which I introduced them to, and we use it every day.

Cheers @matrix

Today I wrote another tampermonky script after getting a request for it on reddit.

1337x Top 100 Movies IMDb


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