On my website, I wanted to add a simple "buy me coffee" button in its own section so people who enjoyed something I wrote could leave a tip.

Turns out I need a paypal business account, if I want to keep use my pen name, which is how everyone knows me. This in turn becomes a "legal business name" and phone numbers and address...

I'm not doing anything shady but my privacy alarms are going off. Plus, it's a freaking blog people, not a business. Address is virtual.

Now what? Any suggestions?

@jrss Your only real option is to use something designed for this. Patreon, librepay, something along those lines.

I know Patreon doesn't expose your PayPal details, you'd have to check any others you find.

@sekhat Patreon though is a whole platform where I set tiers and what will I do for that level and the next etc.

I don't want to do that, I just want people to have the option to tip me. I am not a business and I don't want to give "benefits" to those who pay me.


@jrss but there are others. "Buy me a coffee", "tipeee". Just Google alternatives to Patreon and take a look.

@sekhat buy me coffee is actually what started this whole thing. They work with PayPal, which will give my name, etc.

I will look into Patreon, see how much of real information I need to put in..

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