I forget how long some open source software takes to compile. I should of thought about that before deciding to do a clean build.

Spent way too much of my week off reading Reddit. I'm almost starting to believe I have a problem.

Decided I'd rock the internet like it's the early 2000's. Finally put together a gatsby site to act as a blog.

Spent a chunk of the weekend designing something and pushing it live.

And then I can't think of a damn thing to write as a post.

Well, at least I can pretend I've actually been productive this weekend. So, there's that...

The problem I have with personal projects, is I have so many ideas and not enough discipline to devote my self to one.

So I have a lot of barely started projects.

Finally the heatwave has abated somewhat. Cloudy sky, lower temperatures and fresh air.

So seems pretty interesting as a decentralised thing. Been reading into it the last few days.

When a language, (like ) has it's own build chain toolset (cargo), it erks me when I have to reach for something like Make.

In this case it's because I have some non-rust stuff to compile as part of the project. But now I've lost the nice `cargo build` to build the whole thing.

I can use a `build.rs` but that's just pure rust code and makes writing up the rules for non-rust stuff a bit of a pain in the ass.

Maybe a future project? `rust-build-make`?

This weekend I've been trying to get my head around vulkan via -rs in . I've got to rendering a triangle, but it's all in main atm. So now I've got to figure out how all these bits split up, without causing me too many headaches later down the line.

Clearly cats do not like you coding. You must be interrupted every 5 minutes.

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