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So, one of my goals this month is to make one new social media post a day. Reposts and private posts don't count. Pictures of my pets are allowed.

"When did civilisation start?" he asked the angel.
"When someone said 'what if' and told a story about a better tomorrow," the angel said.
"Oh? Not farming, trade, or literacy?"
"Those all came later."
"Huh. And when will civilization end?"
"When you stop telling those stories."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I'm looking for a company hiring sysadmin with a 100% remote status. I speak French and English.

If you know such places, please tell me :)

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Recently, the 5yo rediscovered one and tied some twine to the edge. Now that it has a leash it has acquired a name and pronouns (he/him) and intention, apparently. The transformation has been swift and total. “We have a pet drone, daddy.” and “I need to take him for a walk.” and “He’s curious what’s over there.”

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For Christmas, my dad bought the kids these cheapy rechargeable self-driving drone toys. Like, they just kinda buzz around and bump into shit and make a loud bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and whatever. They were amusing for a while and then we put them away.

The 5yo likes to make up nonsense words. This morning I learned about “urklin”, which sounds to me like a kind of goblin or something.

"git archaeology"
Just heard this phrase and my mind got blown. Its true. Some projects are that old and migrated so well from SVN to Git that they have a clean and accurate history spanning 20 years, and I'm sure you could find some truly horrendous and/or nice stuff if you start digging deep in git blame. For swear words.
The age of digital archaeology is upon us.

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In case I'm not the last one to hear about this, there's an online game expo this Saturday about games made by people of colour.

The schedule looks interesting, there's already a number of talks I'm thinking of attending. Lots of short talks too, which is a plus in my view, so you can quickly get an overview of a subject.

The kindergarten class is learning about their senses right now. They're learning about hearing and doing a thing where the teacher plays a sound and then the kids raise their hand and one of them guesses what the sound is. My 5yo is confidently saying their guess out loud (they're on mute) each time. A cat purring was, obviously, "a snoring tiger" and a lawn mower was "a tractor". I am amused.

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This is Tao and Oko. Tao had to have his eyes removed due to glaucoma, but then Oko came along as his little helper. Now they’re doing amazing. Both 14/10


On the topic of language, I've wondered about how black US English has permeated so much culture and influenced other varieties of English. I have at times used phrases or syntax from black English without even realising where they came from (I think "fam" is one such example).

Is this problematic? I think I have seen some black folks upset that their English is being used in the wrong context or without due respect.

good morning! and how is everyone’s mental health doing, hmmm?

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