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To keep up with the trends, the next major version of bash (v6) is going to include support for blockchain based command line history. I'm going to be able to sell my tweets as NFTs.

I wonder what makes statistical so happy, I live here for a few years and I have average to below expectations experience

sod it, contract not signed yet, and i was suppose to start at the begining of april... well more time for me and family

now a £5 question.. Will I have time this festive season to do some coding for myself...

any here, not entirely happy with your time tracking apps? care to share, why?

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If you're looking for a #GooglePhotos alternative, Nextcloud Photos plus Nextcloud Maps (see where your pics are taken) and the Facerecognition app are a good step in the direction of privacy! ⤵️

I nominate this as make sure to write your as kind and praising as possible

Also as an , poles are spoiled with uniform standard for consumer unit modules... you can order MCBs blindly from any company and the only thing they differ in is colour and some having ability to attach a rail at the top as well as standard in the bottom ... enter british market and you really have to stick to one manufacturer ...

I think, this working from home is making me despise my home office ...

feeling burned out as a couch, finding every excuse to not touch my laptop... on the other hand, Happy to do any work here in south of as long as it gets me out of the office / home

And again... I start my time off work... with work... just installed new dishwashers for two of my relatives... yes plural

wooh, got my electricians certification passed :)

I think, I would like to on, get some new and stuff to do. If you know about any or of , lemme know

Apparently, after over a year, I have freed up at my clients. It again will serve as friendly place for addressing resources, instead of being under control of "brand protection".

today's Todo: get DS started writing DAGS; figure out a way to CD azure functions; begin writing up how we gonna use ; don't bitch about lack of proper governance...

After a loong break, and then having to go to clients office for a few days, i can finally enjoy a decent , omg i forgot that espresso can actually be tasty

After struggles and reflashing of an abandoned , we are up and running , wouldbe good to have working on or have a runbook for native unix tools, as i had to use some laptop to run as my server for this to happen

i we would stop associating location with in my lifetime

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