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This weekend's project: setup a number station on mastodon that provides encrypted messages that only folks to whom I share a one-time pad can understand.

Most people scan content and make assumptions based on past experiences with similar pieces.

A bicycle comlany having difficulty with damaged shipments leveraged our propensity to scan by putting a TV image on its box. Damage rates fell 80%. #ux #design #industrialdesign

Someone offered me two free dairy goats once. There, it would turn out, is no such thing as a free dairy goat.

Stuck. is the hip cool rust on the block, but sticks to C and python while the dev is super opinionated about multiplexers being the work of the devil. I'm using alacritty mostly these days, but may go back to kitty for the tabs ...

Rust is what C++ programmers made to replace C

Go is what C programmers made to replace C

@ashfurrow So I set the SSID for the wifi on it to "Wu Tang LAN" and five brown faced emojis and it got caught in a boot loop until it eventually factory reset itself

"The healthy wear a crown that only the sick can see".

I sometimes wonder if I like the idea of more than I like SDF itself. Then I use some of their services, and remember it's all running on sweet, sweet NetBSD and I think, no. I just like

Fuck and their electron app. If I always use it in Firefox, I get to flip a switch to turn it night mode, and their engineers can go back to solving important problems, like expanded emoji sets πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Has anyone actually witnessed water flash-freezing before? Water bottle left half full in car on Saturday. Low of 14F overnight. Tipped liquid water to show my wife, "isn't this crazy it's not ... " <water flash freezes in other half of bottle> "what the fuck was that!?" I say and my wife look incredulous.

When I shifted the ice back to the other side of the bottle is was all slush and some water. So it wasn't all frozen, but enough to appear solid for a few seconds. Crazy.

β€œ...we can’t solve our problem now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power… this means a revolution of values and other things. We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together." -#MLKJr

Every Mastodon article is like "But what about my follower counts! There's no celebrities on this platform! People don't talk about Trump all the time!"

Yeah. Those are all features.

Anyone else here who loved the isometric drawings on the Windows installers back in the 9x days? Everything is so swoopy and colorful these days. Bring back the detail!

The new logo in my notification bar looks like the python logo or a cross. Nothing like a chat program

Spent the morning organizing my org file and find myself flabbergasted at the quality and volume of content worth reading on the internet. To all you authors, thank you! (specifically enjoying Chris' holiday post:

Why would anyone not use a tiling window manager. The idea of manually moving around windows and resizing them feels like madness to me after and

Attempting to move from kitty+tabs to alacritty+windows for my terminal emulation needs. Second time, wonder if it'll stick this time.

Anyone else born before 1985 humored by a high-end graphics card maker named EVGA ... I remember . I guess it was pretty high-end back in the day ...

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