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Last day of school for the kiddos, so I made up some cinnamon rolls ... with leaf lard I rendered from our pigs yesterday. Fuck. All you suckers using vegetable-based fats have no idea what things are supposed to taste like. It's so good.

Emails with only text that ask if they can load images ... I'm on to you stupid transparent png trackers!

#2160 "Ken Burns Theory" 

Not sure why I haven't heard of until just now. I don't think it's the best personal finance software, but for municipal budgeting ... wonderfully simple, plain text and open source. What's there not to love? (Combine with Fava frontend for accessibility!)

I grew up in a world where had no place near a computer, lest you destroy your precious spinning disk data. Now they're freaking everywhere ...

Funny that just a few months ago I thought with multiple displays was too complicated to figure out. I now can't fathom how I'd manage windows with some silly mouse. I ain't got time to manage my own windows.

Haven't touched an in years. What the hell is wrong with this interface. Nothing is discoverable, every action more than "open" or "back" requires you to know it's an iPad. At least my son seems to understand it.

I've switched from a workflow in to more of a model that relies heavily on a prioritized file. One day I will write up my flow, but for now it's awesome to at least have something that works for me, instead of always feeling vaguely guilty about not doing my task management correctly and then guilty for not doing my tasks

Oh my ... after dropped support for XUL and old plugins stopped working, I switched from to VimFX.

Just realized I hadn't checked to see how Tridactyl was doing. What a delight to be back with a real vim inspired browser!

Ok, here we go!

Announcing Recense, a bookmarking service to save all your precious links (or whatever else you want to put into it):

It's still a bit rough around the edges (hey, I'm no web designer), but the basic functionality is there, and I've been using it for a while.

Also, I just open sourced it:

Re watching Star Trek at the moment. Holy crap, this was some misogynistic bullshit ;) Either that, or the 15 years since I last watched it I've developed a more sensitive outlook on the world

Unsolicited Advice to new Twitter/Facebook migrants 

Hmm, BAT is interesting. I still cant bring myself to be part of the Blink web monoculture, so will stick with but has come a long way

That's it. I'm purging my life of closed source Android apps. It's been a delight so far. And with for caldav and contacts, for email and for everything else, I'm pretty well set. Perhaps I'll do a blog post on apps I'm using soon

@sir congratulations on being $140.01 million dollars more profitable than Slack

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