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Finally shut down my Nextcloud instance in deference to Syncthing. I love Nextcloud, but all I was using it for was file sync. And syncthing is kinda magical.

ITS THE CLOUD! <<oh, no ... that droplet and that volume aren't physically located in the same nyc1 based cloud, you have to move the volume out of nyc2, which is all the way downtown, and light fucking hates traveling to nyc1 in Queens if it can help it >> but without having to move my github repos ... delightful!

"Good New For People Who Love Bad News" is 14 years old. Fuck me.

Got to love when the most recent return date on your library book is from 1988 ... Brinch Hansen on Pascal Compilers, why does no one love you?

So I use Spotify a lot while driving right?

I just discovered that the Google maps interface with Spotify is 1,000X better then Spotify by itself. Not just while driving, better altogether.

1. How is Spotify this garbage at making software?
2. This is why Google has a virtual monopoly, they tend to make good stuff!

Additionally ... I wasn't aware that there really is only a single implementation of :mastodon: and it's in Ruby, and it's pretty monolithic. Think we need some alternate servers for resilience.

I give up. There is no good work flow available for Confluence. Every aspect of the software is friction. Especially when I live the rest of my life in :(

Say what you will about Yahoo and it's relevance, this is what a responsible internet citizen looks like:

One many reasons I love ? Ability to drop down to my local timeline when I'm not feeling like drinking from a firehose. I love my instance-mates!

Suddenly considering to use 'mistress' as the default branch in my git repositories

Easiest way to quiet the fan on my mac? Cut off at the knees. Makes me wish my work computer was some form of Linux :(

Those dockerized apps run so fast on my T440s

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Look at every woman's face.

Also, considering setting up my personal website with ... anyone have a handly tutorial?

Commutes are really hard to simulate when you work remotely. Tried putting on a podcast while I ate breakfast today but instead I wound up cleaning up my Jira tickets (my second full time job ...). Turns out pretending you are held hostage by your environment is difficult :)

So I recently bit the bullet and setup caps lock as ESC (thank you touchbar for forcing my hand), and now I find that I am accidenlty hitting caps lock (now escape) all the time. That never used to happen when it was caps lock. How strange

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