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If your criticism of how software today runs slow despite fast hardware (because of programmer laziness) doesn’t include a critique of the incentives that produce slow software (capitalism), then you’re just shaking your fist at clouds. It’s not an effective critique, it’s just blaming individual programmers for systemic problems and making yourself feel superior :dont_at_me:

Eventually all our re-inventing programming languages and paradigm shifts are going to lead us back to , right?

Allow me to rant for a second. Fuck video on the web. Why on earth do I want a recipe in a goddamn video? What happened to text?

Sports prognostications? Write the fucker down! Don't make me focus on a 10 minute video when I can skim your shitty ideas in 2 min.

These pictures of Jupiter taken by the Juno spacecraft are fucking with my emotions; I remember avidly staring at grainy black and white photos of the planets when I was very little. Absolutely breathtaking #astronomy

Morning from the US East Coast! How can today not be good, after Trump's personal lawyer rats him out for bribes during an election cycle!

Trying to go all keyboard all the time is tricky. Not sure it's worth it. But it's definitly better to avoid context switching, whether that's mostly mouse or mostly keyboard. So I'm gonna keep at it.

Additionally, since I'm tooting this morning, can I just say how delightful Hugo is as a static site generator? Combined with ox-hugo it's a joy to behold.

I just don't like LCD Soundsystem. I don't care how many times people try to put it on.

Measure of ones effectivness ... how long in the morning can you go before you reach for the mouse or touchpad? Got it up to about an hour today

An interesting discussion on how to use your *scratch* page in or

I like the idea of setting it's default mode to org-mode ... notes, notes! everybody gets notes!

Dirk Henn, what are you doing to me man. Board games that require 3-5 players? I can only rope the SO into so many games, and trying to find a third player is painful. I just want to play Shogun

I think it's a positive when your local :mastodon: instance has a higher signal to noise ratio than your own fucking home list ...

I'm curious how many folks on :mastodon: .technology are active in Code for America activtiies? Have you even ever heard of the org? I love the ideas behind it, but everytime I get involved again I'm amazed how much coordination is required to run a volunteer org 😞

upgrade update: without being able to compile a new kernel for my Atom in the 1gen AppleTV it seems unlikely I'll be able to make the toolchain upgrades in the right order :( Probably shoulda been updating this thing on a more regular basis. Still a nice little network appliance!

With the news of a massive ocean under Mars' icecap, I gotta wonder, is Total Recall going to be fact in 100 years? Release water vapor en-mass into the atmosphere to rapidly terraform?

After many years, I'm rejoining the SDF community. It's almost like the internet pre-Eternal September :)

Nothing quite like trying to update gentoo on a 1st gen AppleTV. I think this baby has a 1 Ghz atom in it :)

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