Just set my android device to use my dns server ... holy fuck. That's a) a lot of DNS queries and b) a lot phone-home crap that just feels dirty. I might have to go back to a feature phone after this experience.

@deshipu @ashfurrow I hope you mean this in a metaphorical, community sort of way, and not, like, building things out the bodies of people. That would be gross X)

@cancel as a follow up to the discussion about threads. I've found my solution to be liberal use of tabs for threads I'm participating in.

It may still be nice to receive a notification to new activity in a thread I'm participating in, but again, the UX for that seems questionable

Very hot take about videogame violence and influence 

@cancel nah. Was just wondering if I could help πŸ˜ƒ ... thanks for all your hard work!

@cancel I'm happy to help out where I can. What's the language of the project?

@cancel you know, I don't think my issue with right now is a bug, per-se. It's that when I respond in a thread, it'd be great to get auto-signed up for notifications from new thread posts. Maybe there's a reason that flow doesn't exist, but it's what I've grown to expect from the Slack client.

@stavros oh my god, Ripcord is a dream ... especially because now I can stay logged to all the little minor Slack communities I belong to. Also, I wish Slack wasn't the default these days :(

One of my favorite tasks is looking a browser tab, deciding if I'm done with it, need to bookmark it for later, and then closing it.

I don't understand how some people can have dozens or hundreds of tabs open. Seems like a poor-man's bookmarking scheme.

Got my first in the mail the other day. It's a five-inch stainless blade in a hunter-orange sheath and I love it. Perfect for always having on hand around the farm. I am unlikely to ever lose it in the weeds, too!

@kaushalmodi Ah, good point about clearance. I also was able to find a dip in the ground that I could drive over. In any case, I wholeheartedly support your plan to change your own oil. Increased self-sufficiency is always a noble goal :)

@kaushalmodi car jack? For my forester I just shimmy under it. Not sure how close the plug is to the front on the outback, but it's not too hard. Also, you may need a filter wrench, which can help making sure the filter ends up on tight

@stavros I love syncthing. I use it to keep my org files syncd across 3 Debian machines. It doesn't work with notmuch though, so I had to use muchsync for that

@kaushalmodi @jrss I've been there with the writer's block. I moved all my android apps to FOSS tools and really want to do a blog post but don't want it to be rambling crap.

@stavros no. Excellent point. Mostly I close it because it destroys my battery life. Ripcord, here I come!

@kaushalmodi @jrss oh my god ... I love GNU stow

You can see how I structure my dotfiles here: git.unbl.ink/powellc/dotfiles

And then I can just run `stow *` in my ~/.dotfiles directory and everything is as it should be in the world :)

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