@russsaidwords yeah, I get that. And gnome shell is not totally terrible. But I like my wm to be smarter than me when it comes to layouts.

@stavros ah shit. I hope it's not my crappy sewage you're having to scrub into non-potable gray water ....

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Happy 30th Birthday, Intel 80486!

This is the 33MHz CPU I've used for my first own PC build, and at some point in the near future I'd love to try and rebuild that machine from spare parts.

Can't wait to see you boot up just once more, my old friend!

@stavros I go back and forth. I feel like the best kind of nerd when I use a trackball. But it's hard to toss in a bag, and it's different enough that when you try to go back to a mouse it's a little awkward. So mouse ends up winning. Of course, keyboard is always better than both :)

Shamed myself getting caught up reading a hnews thread about ubuntu 19.04 which basically devolved into a discussion about how much gnome sucks/doesn't suck or that people should got back to KDE. Am I the only one who feels like an idiot moving windows by mouse rather than using a tiling wm?

Finally swallowed my devops pride and setup mailinabox.email/ instead of sovereign. Oh my, what a delight. Software, especially OSS, that is a miracle.

What should I find when my wandering fingers go to about:performance in Firefox? Slack using 5.73Gb of memory?! There's got to be a good explanation for that, right?

Set up a local instance of searx ... kinda feels like I'm just walking in circles. Wasn't this called dogpile two decades ago? Well, at least now google and bing can't track me :)

The best thing I ever did on the internet was install makemediumreadable.com/

There's some quality content on Medium. But did they let the product team fuck us all in the asshole?

I love watching a small nerd community move. Sacha suggests a post about the bakery run on emacs from a tweet response, and then he writes it, and then it shows up on hnews ... delightful: bofh.org.uk/2019/02/25/baking-

Thanks to this fantastic post hookrace.net/blog/linux-deskto ... I discovered this morning. Which is way more inline with how I use tmux (not as a multiplexer, but just a background task keeper). So far, pure joy. Also, doesn't have a stupid lag in evil-mode when I hit esc, , I'm looking at you.

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@stavros now you have to come to the states and turn your light on and off from a different continent

@stavros βŒ¨οΈβž‘οΈπŸ’‘βž‘οΈπŸ§ πŸ’₯

@BadAtNames Indeed ... I just don't use those very often. The bigger thing for me is not having helm-spotify working in :)

Curiously, the impetus to this switch was having to install Spotify on linux with a package that insisted on storing files in a non-dotfile path in my home directory. The hell I need that home pollution.

Between Slack and Spotify, I've decided to move back to websites in tabs rather than native apps. I'm just done with websites wrapped in packages.

Between Pappus and Kepler ... 1300 years of stale mathematics. I wonder what will precipitate the next 1300 year stretch without major new concepts πŸ€”

@lukepighetti Indeed. But some of the people I most respect in this world were great at writing docs that were readable. It's both a skill and an art.

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