When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

β€” Why the Lucky Stiff

πŸ”₯ Just released a fresh little tool for the devs out there πŸ”₯

gitty, a smart little CLI helper for git projects, that shows you all the relevant issues, pull requests and changes at a quick glance. It currently only supports the GitHub API, but I'd eventually like it to become a bit more agnostic.

Get it here: github.com/muesli/gitty

30 years ago, a Finnish student announced his hobby operating system (won't be big and professional like GNU) to the Minix community.

Feli: Why is it called a fly?
Me: Well, because it flies.
Feli: Okay but why is a horse called a horse and not a "walk" or something then?

From Middle English horse, hors, from Old English hors (β€œhorse”), from Proto-West Germanic *hors, *hross, from Proto-Germanic *hrussΔ… (β€œhorse”), from Proto-Indo-European *αΈ±rΜ₯sΓ³s (β€œhorse”), from Proto-Indo-European *αΈ±ers- (β€œto run”).


Trap music? No, I said I like "von Trapp music" *twirls in an Austrian meadow*

github.com/features/codespaces ... of course this is the endgame for Microsoft and their Visual Studio Code experiment. Now you can pay $0.36 to run your fucking text editor and dev environment. I get it, you're paying for convenience, but your also paying for ignorance and strange dependency matrix with Github as a single link in the chain.

RMS must be spinning in his grave.

@CodingItWrong that's absurd. It doesn't help that I think comparing REST and GQL is almost pointless anyway. REST isn't a query language, it's state transfer over HTTP.

Just when you think you know , has to go and toss "Maybe everything everywhere is not for us" in your face. Fuck I love The Invincible and all it's Soviet bleakness


@CodingItWrong but there's football, and I have all these snacks. ... But seriously, Americans are awful, just awful. And it's increasingly clear that even if COVID19 isn't the one, this is probably similar to how it all ends. Selfish motherfuckers

Little swampy out there in the Northeast this morning. I can only imagine the haze is coming from all those forest fires. Stay safe out there folks!

@adamsdesk @jrss I wasn't aware of Organic Maps! Fediverse for the win :D ... thank you for this!

Is it just me or the modern web actively hostile to people who's web browser assumes the old web? Figma with Qutebrowser is a disaster, and my take away here is that what Figma does should be a desktop app, not a web page. Maybe I just want Figma off my damn lawn?

@jrss definitely maps ... I've tried OSS versions, but I always end up "just doing a quick search to make sure OSM is accurate" and end up just using Google Maps. Makes me feel dirty every time.

@TheThirdMan not publicly yet, but I can only imagine the meetings with her sponsors and NBC execs.

I kind of fucking love watching NBC's olympic coverage thrash around like a stuck pig with Simone Biles dropping out of the individual all-round. They don't know what to do with themselves because they had all their marbles on being able to show her off. And by marbles, I mean a lot of fucking money.

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