What apps do you use that are pure Google or other big tech on your Android phone, even though you have FDroid? The ones that "sneak" up on you.

My example: I thought yesterday how I use voice dictation all the time phot to save notes into orgzly (which is from FDroid)


@jrss definitely maps ... I've tried OSS versions, but I always end up "just doing a quick search to make sure OSM is accurate" and end up just using Google Maps. Makes me feel dirty every time.

@adamsdesk @secstate I tried it. It's lighter and easier than OsmAnd but at this point I got used to OsmAnd, so personally instil use it.

In the city though, still can't beat commerical apps that give your real time for trains and buses.

@adamsdesk @jrss I wasn't aware of Organic Maps! Fediverse for the win :D ... thank you for this!

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