@cancel you know, I don't think my issue with right now is a bug, per-se. It's that when I respond in a thread, it'd be great to get auto-signed up for notifications from new thread posts. Maybe there's a reason that flow doesn't exist, but it's what I've grown to expect from the Slack client.

@secstate ripcord doesn't display thread reply messages in a special way. it just treats them like normal messages. i have to add more stuff for displaying and handling messages in threads in a special way.

i think the slack threads UI in their own client is not great, so i don't want to just copy it. i'm still not sure what to do, though.

@cancel I'm happy to help out where I can. What's the language of the project?

@secstate c++. it’s not open source, though. but i can give you access to the source if there’s some good reason, like security auditing or if you want to trial it for an enterprise (probably not ready for that yet though)

@cancel nah. Was just wondering if I could help 😃 ... thanks for all your hard work!

@secstate you can help think of a better way to show the user updates on threads :P because i have no clue.

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