@stavros oh my god, Ripcord is a dream ... especially because now I can stay logged to all the little minor Slack communities I belong to. Also, I wish Slack wasn't the default these days :(

@secstate Yeah, same. I'm in love with Zulip but Slack is very widespread. Unfortunately Ripcord had some minor bugs that made me load Slack again, such as a thread message that never got delivered or notifications that wouldn't take me to their thread on click.

cc @cancel

@stavros @secstate

both of those should have been addressed in the last update (0.4.11)

are you using that version?

@cancel @secstate Yes I am, unless it autoupdates. I will see if I can reproduce them again.

@stavros @secstate it doesn’t auto update, only notifies you that updates are available.

if you can reproduce it, let me know right away. it shouldn’t be happening.

@stavros @secstate ok, thanks. i should be able to fix it right away if it’s still happening.

@cancel The "All threads" box doesn't seem to have any relation to the "Threads" section in Slack (all the conversations shown in Ripcord are from April).

Also, it doesn't show the room name anywhere, which doesn't help my mental parsing.

@cancel Messages that are a very long line with `pre` formatting don't wrap, they just overflow out of the screen.

@stavros ok, i'll take a look at that. i probably made some mistake.

@stavros ah yeah, the "all threads" thing is still unfinished. I should put a note there in the UI saying it's still WIP.

@stavros @secstate is that on linux? it looks like the window manager is clipping off the upper half of the ctrl+k box window

@stavros @secstate do you have any idea about this one? it shouldn't be cut off like that. is there a way i could exchange messages with you that's more convenient? it might take a bit of back-and-forth to figure out what's going on here

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