Additionally ... I wasn't aware that there really is only a single implementation of :mastodon: and it's in Ruby, and it's pretty monolithic. Think we need some alternate servers for resilience.

@rus to losing a (the) core developer, or Rails support, or any myriad things that can go wrong when you depend on a single source of code.

@secstate single, opensource, forkable source code? check. opensource license? check. click the fork button, problem solved, oh wait 2745 people already have :)

@rus that's fair. But I don't think a fork of the rails code is the same as having multiple implementations of something that is advertised as a network. Currently mastodon relies on a single piece of software (and more specifically and huge stack of infra) to run.

@secstate a network doesnt mean (or need) multiple implementations to be a network, just multiple nodes/instances. whats the failure case that will stop mastodon from running in future? (as a thought exercise) your speculation feels like over optimisation for a non existent problem. protocol is open and documented. afaik all the stack is open. community and nodes are growing. theres PRs from at least 10 devs on github. also i think @puckipedia might be writing a rust implementation? 😂

@KnowPresent @secstate Seconding this. Once you snoop a bit, you'll see all the @pleroma users we have around here

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