So I recently bit the bullet and setup caps lock as ESC (thank you touchbar for forcing my hand), and now I find that I am accidenlty hitting caps lock (now escape) all the time. That never used to happen when it was caps lock. How strange

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@secstate That touchbar-ESC is why I'm not getting a Mac as my next machine.

@Tarheel I can't recommend this laptop less. It's solid and compact, I'll give it that. But I'd take a Lenovo T-series a-n-y day.

@secstate I'm about to inherit my work T440s, actually. :-D

@Tarheel It's a great machine. I just wish it didn't have the integrated touchpad buttons ... aside from that I love it. Well, and I wish my two-year-old hadn't ripped the windows key off. But maybe he was making a political point :p

@secstate i slip off backspace and hit the mute touch bar 'button' every single time im on a conf call πŸ˜‚

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