Goddamn I'm sick of everything running through these days. It seemed like we were working away from it, but I guess profitable habits die harder πŸ˜‘

Been using a personally hosted install for about 3 months now. Number of google searches in my google history: 5 Two times I wanted NBA scores quickly. Three times I accidentally used Google on my phone. Delightful.

PSA most weather apps are goverment funded forecasting wrapped in ads. is a fantastic, free weather app that gives you raw gov forecasts. You already paid for it with your tax dollars anyhow

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Google still keeps a list of everything you ever bought using Gmail, even if you delete all your emails

Google tracks everything you buy using Gmail to gather the receipts for a Purchases list it saves. It says you can delete this by deleting the email, but three weeks after Todd Haselton deleted all his Gmail messages, the list is still there.


#google #privacy #gafam #dataprivacy

Slack is the Big Box store of the internet. As Slack communities rise, small communities on IRC and mailing lists die. And so we all say "well, they have a slack, so I'll just talk to them there." ... "Well, Wal-mart probably has both things, so I'll just go there instead of two stores downtown"

Changing my email address from Gmail to self-hosted has been delightful. I get far fewer email per day and the signal to noise ratio is dramatically improved.

Amazing how IRC blows up in the morning on the East Coast of the US. There's definitely some bias towards EST

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Last day of school for the kiddos, so I made up some cinnamon rolls ... with leaf lard I rendered from our pigs yesterday. Fuck. All you suckers using vegetable-based fats have no idea what things are supposed to taste like. It's so good.

Emails with only text that ask if they can load images ... I'm on to you stupid transparent png trackers!

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#2160 "Ken Burns Theory" 

Not sure why I haven't heard of until just now. I don't think it's the best personal finance software, but for municipal budgeting ... wonderfully simple, plain text and open source. What's there not to love? (Combine with Fava frontend for accessibility!)

I grew up in a world where had no place near a computer, lest you destroy your precious spinning disk data. Now they're freaking everywhere ...

Funny that just a few months ago I thought with multiple displays was too complicated to figure out. I now can't fathom how I'd manage windows with some silly mouse. I ain't got time to manage my own windows.

Haven't touched an in years. What the hell is wrong with this interface. Nothing is discoverable, every action more than "open" or "back" requires you to know it's an iPad. At least my son seems to understand it.

I've switched from a workflow in to more of a model that relies heavily on a prioritized projects.org file. One day I will write up my flow, but for now it's awesome to at least have something that works for me, instead of always feeling vaguely guilty about not doing my task management correctly and then guilty for not doing my tasks

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