Set up a local instance of searx ... kinda feels like I'm just walking in circles. Wasn't this called dogpile two decades ago? Well, at least now google and bing can't track me :)

The best thing I ever did on the internet was install

There's some quality content on Medium. But did they let the product team fuck us all in the asshole?

I love watching a small nerd community move. Sacha suggests a post about the bakery run on emacs from a tweet response, and then he writes it, and then it shows up on hnews ... delightful:

Thanks to this fantastic post ... I discovered this morning. Which is way more inline with how I use tmux (not as a multiplexer, but just a background task keeper). So far, pure joy. Also, doesn't have a stupid lag in evil-mode when I hit esc, , I'm looking at you.

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Curiously, the impetus to this switch was having to install Spotify on linux with a package that insisted on storing files in a non-dotfile path in my home directory. The hell I need that home pollution.

Between Slack and Spotify, I've decided to move back to websites in tabs rather than native apps. I'm just done with websites wrapped in packages.

Between Pappus and Kepler ... 1300 years of stale mathematics. I wonder what will precipitate the next 1300 year stretch without major new concepts πŸ€”

Easy to sneer at , but damn is it a pain in the butt to write it ... especially doing a good job.

Looking back at top albums from college charts when I was there ... so much good music. Mezzanine?! Haven't listened to Massive Attack in a while. To say nothing of Aquemini or Electro-shock Blues

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There is only so much you can do as a single person. To tackle any bigger project, you need to work as a team. However, then there are two problems:

1. You are not building the thing you want and the way you want β€” because you have to compromise to agree with the other team members about what you are building.

2. Even when you happen to be building the thing you want, everybody else is doing everything wrong β€” you would have done it differently and surely much better.

How do you cope with that?

Unrelated to the USgov't ... I love and Mailing lists should replace all collaborative software, as far as I'm concerned.

The US should probably remove all the marble and gilded shit in the capital buildings. We're beginning to look a little too much like some other super successful republics-cum-empires ...

I can't rant a work or everyone just calls me a grump. What the fuck is going on with Javascript. When did "building" javascript become a thing and what holy alter did we fail to sacrifice the proper child on to get us this place. Oh woe is us, shat on by the gods of software development.

I swear to god, our builds take ~10 minutes to complete. That's a horrible, awful, no good situation.

Holy shit. It turns out all mobile weather apps are utter shit compared to ... advertised as for storm chasers, it's just raw national weather service data. That's all I ever wanted.

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If an app on your phone needs notifications to keep you engaged, you clearly do not need the app on your phone.

This weekend's project: setup a number station on mastodon that provides encrypted messages that only folks to whom I share a one-time pad can understand.

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