I've completely given up on headphones. Which is ironic because I feel like the rest of the world has doubled down on them. I'm pretty happy with my wires, both for running and desk work.

Well. I tried for a long time to stick with Firefox + Tridactyl, but I'm back to using Stupid webkit.

ooof ... life's been busy. need to get back to writing down what works for me. Thankfully has been good to me and my flow has been almost uninterrupted in the hurry

Just set my android device to use my dns server ... holy fuck. That's a) a lot of DNS queries and b) a lot phone-home crap that just feels dirty. I might have to go back to a feature phone after this experience.

@cancel as a follow up to the discussion about threads. I've found my solution to be liberal use of tabs for threads I'm participating in.

It may still be nice to receive a notification to new activity in a thread I'm participating in, but again, the UX for that seems questionable

Very hot take about videogame violence and influence 

@cancel you know, I don't think my issue with right now is a bug, per-se. It's that when I respond in a thread, it'd be great to get auto-signed up for notifications from new thread posts. Maybe there's a reason that flow doesn't exist, but it's what I've grown to expect from the Slack client.

@stavros oh my god, Ripcord is a dream ... especially because now I can stay logged to all the little minor Slack communities I belong to. Also, I wish Slack wasn't the default these days :(

One of my favorite tasks is looking a browser tab, deciding if I'm done with it, need to bookmark it for later, and then closing it.

I don't understand how some people can have dozens or hundreds of tabs open. Seems like a poor-man's bookmarking scheme.

Got my first in the mail the other day. It's a five-inch stainless blade in a hunter-orange sheath and I love it. Perfect for always having on hand around the farm. I am unlikely to ever lose it in the weeds, too!

I feel like life mostly boils down to deciding:

1. When to delegate
2. When to ask for help
3. When to just do shit yourself

Github's URL patterns are so awful.

/<org>/<repo>/pulls -> PR list view
/<org>/<repo>/pulls/<user> -> Users' PR list view
/<org>/<repo>/pull/<id> -> PR detail

Yea, the singular changes the slug from a user ID to a PR ID ... genious.

I know I'll probably get shit for this ... but I still think I like workflow better than most source management tools. Email is a lowest common denominator, but if you're gonna be opinionated, I like the review-based flow.

I think I just need to own that so long as my job is writing python web apps, I will never get to use a fast test suite. It will always take 5+ minutes to spin up the database, and minutes to run each module :(

Goddamn I'm sick of everything running through these days. It seemed like we were working away from it, but I guess profitable habits die harder πŸ˜‘

Been using a personally hosted install for about 3 months now. Number of google searches in my google history: 5 Two times I wanted NBA scores quickly. Three times I accidentally used Google on my phone. Delightful.

PSA most weather apps are goverment funded forecasting wrapped in ads. is a fantastic, free weather app that gives you raw gov forecasts. You already paid for it with your tax dollars anyhow

Google still keeps a list of everything you ever bought using Gmail, even if you delete all your emails

Google tracks everything you buy using Gmail to gather the receipts for a Purchases list it saves. It says you can delete this by deleting the email, but three weeks after Todd Haselton deleted all his Gmail messages, the list is still there.


#google #privacy #gafam #dataprivacy

Slack is the Big Box store of the internet. As Slack communities rise, small communities on IRC and mailing lists die. And so we all say "well, they have a slack, so I'll just talk to them there." ... "Well, Wal-mart probably has both things, so I'll just go there instead of two stores downtown"

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