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OH: "Rad new vaporwave album cover, or 'just a photo of Sydney during the fires'?"

If you suffered in life and want other people to suffer as you did because "you turned out fine", you did not in fact turn out fine.

I got 99 problems

and almost all of them are caused by greedy (mostly pale, male) management people who fuck around with spreadsheets to save 50 cents at somebody else's expense.

Everything is an interface. Language. Design. Music. Light. That means that as software engineers we should at least care as much about interface as implementation, perhaps we should about interface more ...

After six days and 100 commits, imgz.org is finally complete!

Also, I have realized that nobody will pay to share maymays, however dank they might be.

The project is CANCELED!

Just a friendly reminder:

We are closer to the Y2038 bug than the Y2K bug.

Anyone have advice for dipping my toe in D&D? I'd love to find a way to do some lightweight gaming with two, but if we need to find a group I could.

🎡 "For billions of year, since the outset of time, every single one of your ancestors survived. Every single person on your mom and dad's side successfully looked after and passed on to you life. What are the chance of that like?" 🎡

I wonder if there is a name like "chaos surfer", but less cheesy, for someone who basically creates disorder and rides the wave of it to achieve their own goals (or even just for fun)?

"I understand this is a very difficult decision. I'm not sure if its right or wrong. From the perspective of Human Rights its probably right, but from the perspective of investment its difficult considering China's growth prospects."

Actual verbatim unedited quote from Hacker News

I think my favorite feature on my might be the nightlight over the keyboard

I've completely given up on headphones. Which is ironic because I feel like the rest of the world has doubled down on them. I'm pretty happy with my wires, both for running and desk work.

Well. I tried for a long time to stick with Firefox + Tridactyl, but I'm back to using Stupid webkit.

ooof ... life's been busy. need to get back to writing down what works for me. Thankfully has been good to me and my flow has been almost uninterrupted in the hurry

Just set my android device to use my dns server ... holy fuck. That's a) a lot of DNS queries and b) a lot phone-home crap that just feels dirty. I might have to go back to a feature phone after this experience.

@cancel as a follow up to the discussion about threads. I've found my solution to be liberal use of tabs for threads I'm participating in.

It may still be nice to receive a notification to new activity in a thread I'm participating in, but again, the UX for that seems questionable

Very hot take about videogame violence and influence 

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