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Folks on the homeserver hopefully noticed a ~10x speed-up in sending messages today as we split out event persistence from the Synapse master. Some other ops need tuning too, but here's the performance from last Tuesday compared to today. Feedback welcome!

Für Bundesbehörden verboten: #Datenschützer warnt vor #Whatsapp

Eigentlich ist es schon länger klar: Zumindest Bundesbehörden müssen die Finger von Whatsapp lassen. Der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte @ulrichkelber weist trotzdem noch einmal darauf hin. Der Messenger protestiert: Man gebe keine #Metadaten an #Facebook weiter. sounds like something everyone should be doing - can't wait to try it out

nothing is more baader–meinhof than starting a new project and suddenly seeing the same idea everywhere

If you want simple crash reporting functionality for your android app consider using #tracedroid by ligi.

Crash reports are super useful, if only for being able to see the stacktraces of my own apps without connecting to a computer.

Tracedroid is super simple (~100 LOC or so), requires 2 lines of code to set it up in your app and yet it has a number of benefits over a lot of the far more complex libraries (at least for my usecases.)

@codeberg @luki @golem @gebrauchskunst allerdings wäre es echt wichtig, #Gitea noch #barrierefrei für Menachen mit Sehschwäche zu machen. Das hält manche davon ab, es zu nutzen. :/

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