#AlleFürsKlima! Heute gehen wir für das Überleben der Menschheit auf die Straße. #Klimastreik-Demos gibt es auch in deiner Nähe: klima-streik.org/ /c

broke my arm recently and went to out for lunch today. Place was almost empty so the owner came over and ask what happened. We chatted shortly and even though I only ordered a small dish he got me way too much stuff to eat, however only put my original order on the bill. So I tipped him twice that as retaliation

Edward Snowden hofft auf politisches Asyl in Deutschland

„Ich sitze ja leider auch aufgrund der Untätigkeit westlicher Regierungen in Moskau fest“, sagte Snowden.


Wir fordern #Asyl für Snowden!

Unglaublich: Die USA speichern abgerufene Daten aus dem SWIFT-Abkommen quasi ewig, weil die Erledigung von Strafverfahren nicht weitergemeldet wird! Das räumt die EU-Kommission auf meine Frage ein - und tut nichts!

Another one. And this one is important. To get Average Joe and Jane to think about privacy and Freedom, we need to focus on more than just technicals and implementation details. And this extends way beyond DoH &c.

Where we host our code might not matter for the 99%. But it makes a huge difference long-term, even if they 'just pull from another URL'–or look up their DNS records via some other protocol. Small decisions matter. Some have great impact. (Thread there)


another day, another build tool - haven't used in ages!

I feel like we could all be so much more productive in software engineering if we just ditched PMs and made them "trackers" rather than "managers", so they can follow what people are doing and how things are progressing, but without any of the stupid deadlines that are so inaccurate they're completely meaningless and end up just making people spend time they could be working thinking up excuses, being concerned about them, or ranting about them to the fediverse...

Today, we released a new version of #REUSE which helps developers to declare #copyright and #licensing of their projects. Check out the new tutorial, tool and FAQ to make your software licensing clear and easy!

fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201908 #FreeSoftware

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