awesome weather, location, and speakers at - highly recommend to go next year!

As a mentor I try to show the way I think when tackling problems, my mental processes. It's not easy and I'm not expert at it, and the and learning from it is not a skill that many people has, but when it works I find that it gives tremendous results.

You can now unlock the ProtonMail #Android app with your fingerprint! See what other improvements are in the latest version here:

very interesting talk about at by Jessica Kerr. Gave me a new idea for onboarding new developers!

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As part our commitment to open source, today we are announcing the release of GopenPGP, an open source golang encryption library. This library powers all our apps and has been audited for security by @sec_consult.

the spanish version of how-to-use-a-seatbelt seems soo much more elaborate. should give that language another go..

and -mode seems like a perfect fit - glad this stuff exists!

Many companies are not straightforward about their privacy practices, including data collection & sharing policies.

Simple Opt Out is a useful resource that links directly to the opt-out instructions and details of 50+ companies. 

If you’re still using Internet Explorer, now is a great time to make the switch. Along with our Version 4.0 update, ProtonMail will no longer support that iconic browser of your youth.

Firefox users: The latest browser update fixes extensions but may change your default search engine to Google. If that happens to you, you can re-install the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials add-on from here: /en-US/firefox/addon/duckduckgo-for-firefox/

nothing more refreshing than coordinating a prod rollout across a dozen teams on monday morning

According to this study France’s technology #procurement #policy that required government agencies to favor #FreeSoftware over proprietary software was a huge success: 0.6% - 5.4% yearly increase in companies that use Free Software, 9% - 18% yearly increase of IT-related startups, a 6.6% - 14% yearly increase in the number of individuals employed in IT related jobs and 600,000 Free Software contributions per year from #France #pmpc #PublicCode

one final refactoring just before launch - what could go wrong? Not a lot if you have a good test suite!

We’re launching support for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Now your encrypted mailbox can benefit from faster and more advanced encryption. Learn the benefits of this new encryption method and how to upgrade your email addresses.

having 4k and non-4k monitors running in parallel on linux still needs manual work - today's workaround is for :

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