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"productivity in the wrong direction isn’t worth anything at all.  Think more about what to work on."

Upgraded our phones and forgot how horrible mobile browsing is without proper ad blocking. Immediate priority is figuring out how to root a Moto X4 and getting my phone back.

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So I was wondering about the use of ‘hermanos’ for ‘siblings’, and it looks like latin languages don't have an equivalent.

And then I wondered why the english word didn't resemble the german word [that I know] - ‘geschwister’.

And then it turned out that ‘siblings’ is that rareſt of rarities: An english word that's actually english:

c1000 Ælfric Genesis xix. 12 Hæfst þu suna oððe dohtra on þisre byrig..oððe ænigne sibling?


@ColinTheMathmo I'll admit, kind of envious that mathstodon has inline latex support 👌

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Beware of this @protonmail #phishing hxxps://myaccountupgrades[.]com/wp/vvv/
Registrant is hoda.abedini890@gmail[.]com from Nigeria 🇳🇬

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