Cool new GitHub project, collect your info and data from various sources and display locally on a chronological timeline:

@uliwitness It's can be a hassle, but another option is using Docker to build what you need in an isolated container

Got access to a six core, 32 gb machine at work this week. In other news, GMail is back to being reasonably responsive again

Finally finished moving my website over from using Jekyll to Hugo as the static site generator. Ended up being a lot more work than I expected, but should pay dividends.

@alexcleac Haven't had a chance to play with it, but does seem interesting. Keeping access firewalled to the local network and accessing via VPN might ease the security risks.

@wdavery unless you're allow to run python, then you could install it directly? Not sure, never done it that way. We've been using Caddy server which has a git hook directive that connects with gitlab, so anytime the master branch changes, the server automatically pulls the new changes and rebuilds the site.

@wdavery cool, glad to help. Yeah, with shared housing, you'd have to generate the static site times and then copy to the server.

@wdavery Been playing with mkdocs, which does the same thing but with Python instead of NodeJs. Not sure if there's a huge difference in feature set, but my tech stack revolves around python so it tends to be my standard default

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Info for new users: if possible, please add a quick description to the images you're posting, it helps our friends who user some #Accessibility tools like screenreaders! Most apps have support for it, the webview definitely does, and it doesn't need to be too much info.

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The secret to Mastodon is... Show more

@jamie assuming Keybase comes to support Mastodon, would that work?

@caillou No, I was specifically referring to the heading font. I thought that was what @jemjabella was also referring to, but I could be mistaken on that point.

I probably should have said it's harder to read instead hard. I can read it, but it is certainly harder to read than a standard font in my opinion. Most likely due to how the font is not entirely solid. However, you're going for an artistic look, like a sketch, and that's certainly how sketches look, so it's probably worth it to you to keep it.

@caillou Seems to work well at various page widths. I agree with @jemjabella, the font for your headings is hard to read. might be a good place to look for some you'd like.

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Feynman technique - a simple and powerful way to rapidly learn and retain new concepts.

1. Write down the name of concept you're trying to learn.

2. Explain it in plain English, as if you were teaching it to a new student.

3. Identify things you couldn't explain well, re-read the source material and research them. Try explaining again until these knowledge gaps are gone.

4. Simplify your explanation, get rid of technical terms and use simple analogies. ELI5.

#learning #rationality

@benoitj @ChrisWere I believe so, though don't quote me on that. I migrated from Ubuntu to Linux Mint since Mint had cinnamon, which seemed similar to gnome, back when Ubuntu switched to unity which I didn't like. Then started getting interested in Arch, played with that but wanted an easier install process, and that's how I'm on Antergos at the moment. tiling WMs are probably the next thing for me to explore, but I'm pretty happy with things at the moment

@benoitj @ChrisWere I'm a fan of Antergos as well, though I've been using Cinnamon as the DE. It's been a daily driver for over two years with few problems.

@Senjuana Anda muy bien Syncthing, lo hemos utilizado casi dos años sin problemas

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