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Comcast DNS outage. Why don't you use this opportunity to switch to

Thought I found an intermittent bug occurring with
. Turns out that restic was right and a stick of RAM was failing

Interesting, in 2019 JetBrains saw 87% of Python devs using Python3, up from around 75% last year

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Really interesting paper exploring adversarial inputs to ML models:

They conclude:
* It's a property of the input data, not the training
* You can even train a model on non-robust features and obtain a model that works well on the original input data!

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@ColinTheMathmo I enjoyed Networks, Crowds, and Markets; it provides an approachable intro to both graph and game theory:


Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
Fallout 3
Rocket League

Nothing too groundbreaking, but definitely my favorites

Cool new GitHub project, collect your info and data from various sources and display locally on a chronological timeline:

@uliwitness It's can be a hassle, but another option is using Docker to build what you need in an isolated container

Got access to a six core, 32 gb machine at work this week. In other news, GMail is back to being reasonably responsive again

Finally finished moving my website over from using Jekyll to Hugo as the static site generator. Ended up being a lot more work than I expected, but should pay dividends.

@alexcleac Haven't had a chance to play with it, but does seem interesting. Keeping access firewalled to the local network and accessing via VPN might ease the security risks.

@wdavery unless you're allow to run python, then you could install it directly? Not sure, never done it that way. We've been using Caddy server which has a git hook directive that connects with gitlab, so anytime the master branch changes, the server automatically pulls the new changes and rebuilds the site.

@wdavery cool, glad to help. Yeah, with shared housing, you'd have to generate the static site times and then copy to the server.

@wdavery Been playing with mkdocs, which does the same thing but with Python instead of NodeJs. Not sure if there's a huge difference in feature set, but my tech stack revolves around python so it tends to be my standard default

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Info for new users: if possible, please add a quick description to the images you're posting, it helps our friends who user some #Accessibility tools like screenreaders! Most apps have support for it, the webview definitely does, and it doesn't need to be too much info.

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The secret to Mastodon is... 

Make sure to stick around for a while. It isn't like other sites, so your experience will be way different.

But I promise with time it will be better.

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