@dthompson If you like reading: css-tricks.com/snippets/css/co

If you like watching: youtube.com/watch?v=Dz9BzY21Zk Anything by Rachel Andrew will whet your appetite--she knows her CSS grid stuff

@ivesen Erlang/Elixir would like a word with you πŸ˜‹

@davepotts Click the hashtag, then when the new column appears, click the button in the top left, then click pin πŸ‘ And welcome!


@adrianovaroli Let's say I don't see Mastodon instance that let's me express my views. I can just spin one up. It's free because no one controls all of the Mastodon instances.


@adrianovaroli Mastodon is a great example of a free market. Arguably an equalizing service.

@eal @woah imo if having the argument is necessary it should reflect the data the function is expecting. I just haven't seen false being associated with "data not provided" whereas nil is kinda the definition of that.

@woah @eal Haha yup, Elixir is pretty interesting. Operators (+, -, /, *, =, etc) are all actual references to a function that takes two arguments (left and right side of the operator). Everything is an expression!

@woah @eal checking for nil or false is the same cost since nil and false aren't part of the language itself (they're both just atoms :nil and :false)

@eal @woah actually, now that I think about it, maybe two different arities? One without a passed arg and one with.

@eal \\ nil. False implies it's a boolean value, not optional :)

And websockets worked OOTB! Looks like I got everything working and ready for just throwing builds at it!

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Got a load balancer, ssl certificate (Wildcard!), and domain name.

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Just got Elixir + Phoenix running in production.

Next steps:
Make sure websockets work
Get logging enabled
Get ssl to work
Get a domain name.

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@g Sure thing! Would love to see the final piece 😎

My browsing history of the word "docker" between yesterday and today. And my app *still* isn't anywhere *near* a deployable state. I can't wait until someone fixes this giant mess. Completely embarrassing.

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The amount of work to get a *decent* application deployment flow today is absolutely terrible. Getting a flow that

1. Builds your app
2. Puts that app somewhere on the internet (Docker, VMs, nginx, database all need configuring)
3. Runs db seeds and migrations automatically
4. Starts the application

So much ridiculous work. Super imposing especially when I'm just a developer and don't have the time to get into devops. AWS and GCP are full of terrible docs.

Such a sad state today.

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