And websockets worked OOTB! Looks like I got everything working and ready for just throwing builds at it!

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Got a load balancer, ssl certificate (Wildcard!), and domain name.

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Just got Elixir + Phoenix running in production.

Next steps:
Make sure websockets work
Get logging enabled
Get ssl to work
Get a domain name.

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My browsing history of the word "docker" between yesterday and today. And my app *still* isn't anywhere *near* a deployable state. I can't wait until someone fixes this giant mess. Completely embarrassing.

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The amount of work to get a *decent* application deployment flow today is absolutely terrible. Getting a flow that

1. Builds your app
2. Puts that app somewhere on the internet (Docker, VMs, nginx, database all need configuring)
3. Runs db seeds and migrations automatically
4. Starts the application

So much ridiculous work. Super imposing especially when I'm just a developer and don't have the time to get into devops. AWS and GCP are full of terrible docs.

Such a sad state today.

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